Friday, 22 August 2014

Thinking Of You Today

Today, six years ago another dear lady said goodbye to her 18 year old son for the last time. Another senseless death on our roads. Her son was also on his motorbike on his way home from school when the driver of a delivery truck decided that a young boy's life was not worth much and hit him off his bike, through his negligent driving. This was a well known dairy company in South Africa and not one person from the Company, not top management; not middle management, not the driver - no one, bothered to even call the family to offer their condolences. Not that condolences would undo what their driver did, but you would think that the least that they could do is show some compassion. A road fatality is not a statistic - it is a human life with hopes; dreams; feelings; family.

Thinking of you and your family, Jen, today and always.

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I think I can speak on behalf of all moms and dads, maybe not all, but most, whose children have died - yes it hurts to speak about them, yes it brings tears to our eyes and sobs to our hearts, BUT it hurts even more not to talk about them. It hurts even more to forget their birthdays; to forget their death dates. Some cultures celebrate their angel birthdays - some think they should rather not say anything for fear of upsetting the parent(s) - most forget and move on. Some in their awkwardness just say the totally wrong thing, so sometimes silence is the better option and a hug is all that is needed. This poem below says it perfectly.

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