Monday, 1 September 2014

Turning Mark Metro-Sexual - Skin Products and Sunblock

I am not sure if Mark is extra tired and stressed and strained these days, but the other day at work I had to do a double take when I noticed how lined and wrinkled his face is, especially around his eyes. He does not have very good genes when it comes to aging. His extended family have that very leathery lined sun damaged kind of skin. Mark does not have leathery skin, in fact he has the opposite - he has skin cancer's favourite skin and he never wears sunblock. He wears caps almost all the time, but not everyday at work and he is out in the sun for at least 50 % of the day. He really wasn't blessed with good aging genes at all, because he is already grey and is younger than me, in fact he went grey long before my dad did. He also shaves his head now, because he is going bald. I am by no means saying that I do not have lines and wrinkles, life's knocks are etched all over my face in the form of lines and wrinkles, but I can cover them up relatively well with beauty balms and makeup. I am SO lucky that I gave not gone grey yet, surprisingly, because of the two major shocks that I have gone through - Clint's death and the shock to my body from suddenly giving up smoking.

I gave up trying to convince Mark that I was not being ugly and nasty about his skin and just very concerned about him not only being tired and his body (face) taking strain, but more importantly worried that he will get skin cancer. Yesterday, I mentioned it again and it turned into an argument and I ignored him for the rest of the day. Trying to explain to him that I am not insulting him or belittling him, but just being concerned was just a waste of my time and energy.

This morning he woke up long after I did, he slept until after 10, I was in the lounge and he came in after his shower all bright and breezy and I was still sulking. Well he kind of stewed over what I said yesterday and something sunk into his head I guess, because he mentioned by the way that he put cream on his face - "what cream?" I asked him - "hand cream" he answered. Well even the hand cream has made him look less strained and worry etched. With this conversation in my head, I saw the 5 or 6 bottles of sunblock in my dressing table cupboard and thought what good are they in my cupboard. No wonder Chad and Mark never use sunblock unless we go away and I nag about it. I have now put a bottle of sunblock in the bathroom cupboard and have told both Chad and Mark to use it everyday. Apparently South African sunscreen products are not that good and a 50+ is not nearly near 50+ - but who knows if that is true or not.

After the huge discovery of "How can they use sunblock if it is hidden away"  I thought if Mark does not have moisturizer then how can he use it - its not like he would go off and buy himself some - so off to clicks I went. I have done the Cliniques; the Environs; The Justines; Avroy Shlains - you name it I have used it or tried it and now I use good old Nivea and have been for many years and it works for me. I bought Mark some Nivea For Men Moisturizer and Face Wash and a Clicks Brand Eye Cream, because it costs more than half the price of my eye cream. I came home and gave him a quick lesson on how to use/apply each one. I started with the face wash and Chad said "Sorry mom that is already too complicated for Dad" Lets hope he uses it and did not waste my money.

What really shocked me is the price of the Essence products. I needed beauty balm and I was shocked that it is almost double the price that it used to be. I only used it because of how inexpensive it was and have even blogged about how reasonably priced their products are over here. Every time I go to Clicks, the Essence products are more expensive than the time before and I go to Clicks often. On Thursday I was shopping there, when a man was wandering around looking for Strepsils and asked an employee if they stocked them. She did not quite hear or understand what he was saying and I told him to go two aisles up and he will find them at the top of the aisle. I think he thought I worked there and he found them straight away. How is that for knowing a store very well?

I thought I would try the Garnier BB Cream, it was only R10.00 cheaper than the Essence one, but Garnier is a better product than Essence - Chad uses Garnier Face Wash and Moisturizer which is very good for teenage spots and I am sure the Garnier BB Cream will be just as good if not better than the Essence BB cream. I am also trying out the Rimmel Foundation. I used Revlon Anti-Ageing for years, until it got very pricey this year and I changed to Essence and only liked Essence Foundation for the affordability of the product. It is now only R30.00 cheaper than Rimmel, so it does not even warrant an affordability tick. Today has been a day of new things and with a new Season tomorrow, namely Spring why not try something new.

Is your man metro-sexual or do you also battle with a stubborn old school man? Let me know in the comments below. Also feel free to let me know your opinion on the products I have mentioned in this post - either in the comments section or send me an email via my Contact Page by clicking on the envelope.

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