Saturday, 30 August 2014

VW Track Day Invite

Mark was invited to a VW Track Day at Kyalami Race Track on Wednesday to launch the new VW Economy Parts. VW has brought out economy parts, which are in line with the aftermarket parts' prices, but have been tested and made by VW for VW cars. This means that consumers now have a choice, between what is known as a genuine Agents part, which is usually very expensive or a more economical part that is not a "pirate" part or after market part from Midas or Autozone or any other after market spares shop.

Mark gets these invites often and never goes, but this time he decided to go and had a ball. The only negative to the whole event was the fact that only one person from the company is invited and it is shrouded in secrecy. There is no plus one or bring a guest, but we took a chance and asked if Mark could bring a guest before replying to the invite and they said yes.

Mark took Shaun, a young boy who works for us with and I read his Whatsapp status that night and it read "Wow Best Day Of My Life...."  Chad couldn't go, because he doesn't have a driver's licence. When they got back that evening, I asked Shaun if he enjoyed the day - expecting him to politely say yes. I did not know then what they did at the event, but knew they would be doing some form of driving, because they had to bring their driver's licence with. He just had this huge grin on his face and said yes it was awesome.

Shaun Standing Next To The GTI He Drove

They went around the track in the New GTI 7 - obviously at unmentionable and unprintable speeds. They each drove around the track a few times, but with an Instructor. Mark was also one of three who won a lucky draw to go around the track with the Legend Sarel Van Der Merwe in a Golf GTI R at speeds definitely unmentionable. Sarel Van Der Merwe was also the guest speaker.

They all received a goody bag with among other stuff a coffee mug; two caps; block paper and a Spark Plug that was in fact a 4G USB stick.

I am sure Mark will be going to more of these events, now that he knows it is a fun day and not just networking and talks.

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