Sunday, 10 August 2014

Women's Day 2014

My plans for today did not work out that well - no surprises there, my plans never work out. We woke up this morning to a dull grey freezing cold day. Chad and Mark had plans to go riding today and they were up early and woke me up. To be honest I forgot that it was Women's Day today, maybe because it is Saturday. If it was during the week I would have remembered, because I would have had an extra day off.

Mark and Chad were undecided about going riding and were about to can the whole idea (much to my delight) when the other guys phoned and said they were still going and were on there way to our house. I had planned to go to the nursery today to buy some spring plants and I also wanted to buy these colouful ornamental windmills for the garden. I don't particularly like them, BUT I have to keep the birds away from Clint's garden and the pond. Oh yes, our gardener came back from leave and guess what our fish are not dead/eaten like I said in this post over here when I was hating the birds. Our gardener cleaned out the pond and all the fish are there, including monster. That is how dirty our pond was and it is just as dirty again today from these birds. Well the cold weather put an end to buying seedlings, I did stop off at the Nursery that I always go to, but they never had the windmills that I want for the garden. I decided to leave the seedlings until it warms up again, because this cold weather is sure to kill them off.

And That Is What The Day Has Been Like For Most Of The Day

My day did not go as planned, but I did go off to the shops to buy some new bath towels. Our towels are starting to look like floor rags. I went to Mr Price Home and also bought some throws to throw over our couches. They are in a disgusting state. I had the upholsterer who does work for us on cars come and give us an estimate to recover our couches, but Mark and I have both decided that after we have paid him his labour and bought the leather, it will cost the same as a new lounge suite. Our lounge suite is also far too big for our lounge and we have never used the reclining chairs on the three seater, because there is just no space, so buying a smaller suite will be better. For now we will just cover them with throws, which I should have done from day one, because years of dogs sleeping on them have just ruined them. I also went to West Pack Lifestyle and bought some plastic dishes to put around the garden among the plants, which I have filled with water so the birds can have watering holes all over the garden and not the pool and pond. I need to buy a bird bath, but thought it would be better to have them all over the garden. We do have a small bird bath in the front of the garden, but they still come to the pond.

Did your day go as planned or did the weather also ruin the plans you had for the weekend, either way I hope your day was filled with love, happiness, warmth and respect.
Happy Women's Day

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