Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Consistently Inconsistent

They say that to be a successful blogger, you need to be consistent in your blogging. That I think would apply to most things in life. I am consistent - I am consistently inconsistent. I am a creature of habit, but get bored with routine. That sounds crazy, but it is true. I don't like getting out of my comfort zone, so that is where my creature of habit comes in and I also think there is a huge difference between routine and habit.

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My blog has been very heavy these past few posts - heavy with sadness; heavy with grief and heavy with anger and tears, To lighten my posts up a bit, which will lighten up my mood, which will then benefit Chad, I thought I would join in with the Just Write Tuesday Challenge. You can find out more about the challenge over here on The Extraordinary Ordinary Blog. I found the challenge on Life Comes Atchya's blog when I was reading past posts and found her Just Write Tuesday post over here.

Do I need another challenge??? No I don't!!! I have fallen so far behind with my FMSPhotoaday challenge on Instagram that I thought about giving up. I just can't find the inspiration to take a photo of a prompt and spend time on Instagram. I have some photos that I have taken but haven't posted on Instagram - that is kinda losing the point of Instagram - no longer instant. So why am I joining another challenge?? Well I need to lift myself from this slump, not for my benefit, but for Chad's. What I do need is inspiration. I need a different train of thought to get me out of my slump. I also noticed yesterday that my Flickr Stream under photo journey no longer works - apparently Flickr will no longer have a share facility on blogger and wordpress, so I am quite annoyed about that. I then noticed this morning that my Snapwidget for Instagram is not working either. So along with my slump I need to sort out the side bar on my blog.

This post was written for the Just Write Link Up on The Extraordinary Ordinary,  I am consistently inconsistent, so I am not sure if it will be a weekly post, but this was my first attempt to Just Write We can only hope and try and if their are more you will find them under the label Just Write Tuesday

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A Different Type Of Farewell

I said in my Goodbye to our Landrover post, that it has been a week of farewells. These are farewells of a different kind.

Shaun, the young guy who started working for us in January is leaving today. He initially started working for us, because he wanted to do his apprenticeship through us, but the whole learnership process has changed since we were accredited years ago. He hasn't started his apprenticeship as yet and besides it being the worst trade to be in ever, it certainly is not as glorified as tinkering on your car on weekends that most of these boys think it is, Shaun just does not have the passion to overlook the negative side of it. So he leaves today for much greener pastures and we wish him everything of the best. His cousin works for an IT Company and they were looking for staff and he went for the interview about 2 weeks ago and for a psychometric test and finally last week they said he has the position. We have encouraged him all the way, because it is an opportunity he cannot turn down. The Company sounds amazing to work for and he is very excited, but nervous to start on Wednesday. He is a sweet kid, so we will miss him, but he needs to think of his future. That was farewell one.

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 We were meant to be moving premises today, but they haven't started renovating yet and the landlord asked if we wanted to stay longer on a reduced rent, until they start renovating and we have stayed, because it has been easier that way.  In the meantime we have been preparing for the move, like transferring the phone line and because we did not know where we will be moving to (we do now) and because it will be out of this area we need to port this number to Vodacom One Net Express. One Net Express is meant to be a Mobile Switchboard, but doesn't quite work as a switchboard. It has an auto attendant, but you can't transfer calls between the different lines. What is really great about it, is that it is the only Network that can port a Telkom line, which is great if like us, we are moving out of the area and losing our land line number means losing Clients. What is not great about it , is that no one and I mean NO ONE, not even Vodacom Call Centre staff know about it. We went through a very stressful time in December and January trying to get our other number ported and was eventually assisted by a wonderful man, who after huge fights and frustrations got it working. He was, I have to admit the fall guy for a very new product and now almost a year later I have had to ask him to assist AGAIN. He gladly and willingly helps, even when on two occasions, I have forgotten my pin number. Call the Call Centre and give them a Telkom number and automatically you are a retard phoning Vodacom to query a Telkom number. Chatting to this man again on Friday, to try and finalise the porting of the number and he mentioned that he will be leaving Vodacom - Why?? because he was retrenched as the Product is not profitable!!! Dam straight it is not profitable - no one knows about it at Vodacom. I saw a billboard advert once upon a time and when we needed something like that went onto their website and from there it was downhill into a frustrating pit of unknown. Not a single store we went to knew about it and I believe that now it is going to be integrated into the stores - I hope they train their staff. It is really fantastic if you don't want to lose your land line number, but have to move out of the area. So that was my next farewell for the week.

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The last one is quite tragic, but kind of makes me angry and then even more angry at myself for being judgemental. Our gardener sent a message to Mark on Friday to say he is not coming to work, because his brother Justice was dead. Now our gardener has a book of excuses to take time off work. He once borrowed money to rush off home, because his wife had an emergency hysterectomy - she has had another child since the "hysterectomy". We were stunned to hear his brother was dead, we know him quite well, because he has done painting and tiling at our house a couple of times. We thought it was an accident, could only be, he is young and healthy,   I phoned his cousin who works at our other branch and asked if Justice had died, because our gardener always lies. Big mistake and I should not have done it as he had not heard yet.  Rabie, our gardener was on the other line telling Phineas. Turns out Justice, who is one of the most arrogant people I have ever met, hung himself on Thursday night. He has a construction business and his staff arrived at work on Friday morning and found him like that. We are all so shocked, because he is so arrogant and does not fit the profile of a depressed suicidal person. Apparently, he has been talking about dying for a few weeks now and asked his brothers to look after his children. He left a note and this is what has made me judgemental. He has a wife and 6 kids in Zimbabwe, not divorced, a wife he has a relationship with and then he has a wife in South Africa with a child. In the note he said his South African wife left him for another man and he hung himself. This is not the time or post for my lack of understanding of the culture of polygamy and adultery, but I just don't get it. What is very unfair is leaving his wife to carry the burden of his death on herself and also to leave his brothers to look after his children. He was the one who was doing pretty well for himself. Our gardener works two days for us and one day for our neighbour and he does not work for the rest of the week, mainly because his other bosses, I am sure were not as lenient as us with all of his days off work. The other brothers also have unskilled jobs.

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Depression and suicidal thoughts lurk in corners where you least expect to find them. The worst is that culturally this was put down to black magic, that he was cursed. It is very sad for those children. Phineas who is steeped in African culture and tradition also cannot understand why someone who has two wives takes his own life, because his second wife left him.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Is There Any Truth In Nesting

I have often wondered if there is any truth in the Nesting Instinct in pregnancy. I certainly did not feel the urge to nest when  I was pregnant. It could be for a few reasons, for instance my life was not all "Love and Marriage and The Golden Carriage" so maybe it just comes with the whole phenomenon of  perfectly planned life. It could be that although I have to have a clean home, I certainly don't have to have everything in order and getting the urge to have everything in place and packed, passes me by very often. Or it could just simply be that what others experience in extremes I thought was normal. I certainly did not go to these extremes, but did make sure that all baby's stuff was bought and washed and clean and ready.

So I am not sure whether "nesting" is real or not, but what I do know is that the emotional turmoil and angst leading up to Clint's birthday is very real. It is uncontrollable and it takes a lot of strength to get through each day facing the world. The same feelings and emotions are experienced during your child's death month. That is a date that should have absolutely no significance in your life, but by a twist of terrible fate, it becomes the most significant date of your life and the days and weeks leading up to it are filled with raw pain. The birthday month and death month is the same - no celebration just pain.

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We have been through a terrible few days this month, worse than normal. I packed up Clint's room and I shouldn't have. We sold the Landrover and we shouldn't have. Chad broke completely yesterday. All these years of holding it together and blocking it out - the anger came gushing out. When all had calmed down, I was in Clint's room and he came and lay on the bed and he was chatting about all the good times we had in the Landrover, he spoke about Clint, which he never does. He remember every little detail of holidays we had with Clint. It broke my heart, but I had to hold it together, just so he could talk it all out. He told me about the mark on the Landrover fridge, which was tar from his foot - we stopped to look at flowers on the way home from one of the holidays - wild flowers, not cut flowers, and he got tar on his foot from the road. I don't even remember that. He remembers everything and we chatted for such a long time. He is such a wise and amazing boy - when he was all calm and angered out, he said you know these things always work themselves out. No sulking and anger for days - Chad is just like Clint in that way, both just get over stuff and move on. Clint's favourite saying was "Build a bridge and get over it". I gave birth to the two most wonderful amazing boys anyone could ever ask for. They taught me unconditional love and not to hold onto anger - I do with everyone else, but never my boys.

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We spoke about Clint's room again and creating a space for myself, I wish we had this conversation before I went ahead and started changing Clint's room, I just assumed that because Chad doesn't talk about Clint and his feelings, it would not worry him if I packed up Clint's room. I have decided that after we have painted it, I am going to put our photos in frames and put them up on the walls. I have wanted to do this forever, but could not bring myself to do it.  I started to look for ideas on Pinterest and as soon as we find a reliable painter then I will get started. It will take awhile, but I am in no rush to change his room completely. I rushed into it initially and I shouldn't have. Bikes were Clint's passion and removing his posters of them was wrong.

The days leading up to Clint's birthday and the days after are still so hard and will never get any better.

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Goodbye My Trusty Old Friend......

"You were the one constant in our lives and now you are going..........".

This week has been a week of farewells and I was going to add them all to this post, but decided this goodbye deserves a post all of its own. I am not sure if it is age or just what life has thrown at me that has made me sentimental, but an old sentimental fool I am. I have never been upset about selling a car - its a car and it is time to go. The only time that I was upset about a car was when my trusty old Mazda was stolen, Yep stolen in broad day light outside Chad's swimming school on a busy road. I was upset because my car was stolen, I was not getting rid of it because it was time for it to go - big difference.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Today we are saying goodbye to our Landrover. I said my goodbyes earlier when Mark and Chad were fetching the purchaser from the airport. In this post over here, I said that we were selling the Landy, but the guy seems to be a Bertie Bull S#$tter, but he is here now, so it is real now and he is not a Bertie Bull S#$tter.  I said my goodbyes with a huge lump in my throat, gulping down my sobs. Although I was alone at home and should have let my tears and sobs flow freely, I have to admit that being attached to material things is not quite foreign to me, but I kind of find it wrong to be attached to inanimate objects.

There is just so much more to just saying goodbye to an old car. It is saying goodbye to Clinty all over again. It is saying goodbye to camping holidays; it is saying goodbye to days spent at the dam. It is saying goodbye to a very different lifestyle to what we have now. It is saying goodbye to a love of the outdoors; it is saying goodbye to so many memories - memories that will remain memories of old and will never be memories of new. I should have let the tears flow and the sobs become more than barely audible gasps. Even Garfield came out with me to the Landy - it is out of character for her - unless she thinks we are going away. She did have her moments of climbing on the bonnet of the Landrover and just sleeping on it sometimes. Maybe because it has always been here or maybe she senses Clinty nearby. They say cats are very spiritual and Garfield makes me believe that it is true.

I thought the Landy would be with us forever, I really believed that it would never be sold. I know it is not practical to keep it and Mark was offered much more than book value for it - it is worth more than book value, much more, but it is also worth more in sentimental value. Chad has accepted it now, ** but I still haven't, although initially I did agree on a practical level.

The overland trip through Africa will never happen.- that is someone else's trip now. Truth be told that was a real fantasy trip, because I camped in style and roughing it was Clint and Mark's thing, whilst Chad and I stayed at home. I was never going to do the back to basics trip across Africa, that dream belonged to Mark and Clint and that died when Clint died. It still does not make it easier to say goodbye.

There is still hope that we won't be seeing the back of the Landy just yet. The purchaser arrived whilst typing this post, now they are going on a long test drive. He has already paid the money over. He did the transfer on Thursday based on the info and photos and the understanding that the money will be refunded if he does not like the vehicle or it does not match up to the info and photos sent. The registration plates have to change, but I guess he will be driving off with the Clinty plates - I am not happy about that. They should have already been changed, but , because he was coming up from Ballito to look at the Landy and then leaving straight away if everything is in order, the plates could not be changed. I will arrange for my parents to get the Clinty plates and keep them for us.

So if you see a Landy with Clinty GP plates, you know it is ours and yes it has "balls". They are back from the drive and I am lying in bed typing this and yes I think it is Good Bye.

Goodbye my trusty friend and thank you for all the good memories, the holidays and always being so trustworthy and reliable. Always getting us to our destinations and back home again safely. Never letting us down on some very long trips, towing heavy loads, because camping in style meant bringing a second home with. Clint used to moan about all the stuff  I wanted to take with, but he always managed to pack everything in properly and safely. Yes, Clint did all the packing - in the Landy and the caravan. Long before Mark got home from work everything was packed and ready to go.

I have to accept that it is time to let go, because it will never be the same without Clinty anyway. We have never been on another holiday in the Landy since Clint died - well I haven't. Mark has been down to Ballito once I think when we had our business down there, but there have been no holidays.

"Farewell my trusty friend  - you have now gone onto a new life and I hope you are loved and cared for, but I know you will never be as loved as what our Clinty loved you."

** Chad has totally not accepted the sale of the Landrover and is so upset and so angry. Years and years of built up anger and hurt from Clint's death just came spewing out and today I believe has been the worst day of our lives since the day Clint died - since the funeral. In between the wrath and anger lashed out at Mark, it seems that Chad went along with the idea of selling the Landy, because like me, he thought it would never happen. It breaks my heart to see him so upset, because it is not about a car, it is about a life that we will never ever have again. The mind protects the heart from truth and reality, so although we know Clint will never come back - days like today just rip the band aid  protecting the wound right off and the pain is as sharp and as painful as ever.  Chad loved the Landy almost as much as Clint did and for him it was a reminder of happy times with his brother. (Updated Saturday the 27th at 16h20)

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

I Don't Do Stupid

I don't mean the "ask a hundred questions" stupid - that's not stupid. If you really don't get something that I am explaining or teaching and you ask questions, I will patiently explain. BUT that is not the topic of this post.

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Today I am tired and cranky and I don't like Thursdays. Yesterday's midweek public holiday hasn't made my morning blues any better and I am not in the mood for stupid people.

Stupid is when you phone me and say, "I tried calling Mark on his cellphone, but he is busy on it, can I speak to him" "Yes sure, I will grab his phone out of his hand, cut the call and give him this phone, because you are more important than the other person"  Wait is that stupidity or just plain old disrespect?

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The other one is "Mark knows my car" "Um no he doesn't - can you see 50 other cars here - he doesn't even know his own cars. Yes he makes you feel like the only customer he has, but you need to give me something - like your name maybe"

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The best so far was a man who called to discuss a very sensitive issue. His car was in for a service then came back a week later for additional repairs. It was still with us when he called two days later to discuss this sensitive issue and words like legal, liable and lawyer were bandied around. When his car was in for the service his organ donor card was stolen and his car licence disc. So some car was driving around with his stolen licence disc. "Ye, I am sure it is and they are on the way to your house to cut out your organs with your organ donor card so they can sell them on the black market" OK, I didn't say that, but I bit a huge hole in my tongue that still has not healed to stop my self from saying that and worse.

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Firstly this guy';s brother-in-law has been bringing not only his company cars, but all of his personal cars (he has four adult daughters) to us for over ten years. If we made a habit of stealing organ donor cards and licence discs, I don't think we would still be in business and I don't think brother-in-law would still be coming to us and referring us to friends and family. The call became quite stressful, because Mark and I were both at the other branch, not where the car was and the staff were saying that both the licence disc and donor card were on the windscreen, securely attached. The more Mark was telling "STUPID" that it was on the windscreen, the more he was saying it wasn't. Initially the staff did not know what a donor card was - maybe they thought it was a liver or heart that went missing. Mark was going to drive to the other branch to check that the right disc was on the windscreen, but there was a bad accident at the intersection at the other branch and cars were backed for miles. The staff were trying to send me a picture of said stolen stuff, but the picture was just not coming through on whatsapp or sms. When things go wrong they go WRONG. It felt like hours, but was only a couple of minutes, but if you know Mark, then you will know how he can rant and rave and shout at the staff if he has an unhappy client - not a pretty experience. There was not even a sorry from "STUPID" for the false accusation.

Happy Thursday

Have an awesome stupid free Thursday - we getting there weekend.

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Heritage Day 2014

Well it is almost the end of Heritage Day 2014 - the first Summer holiday, theoretically Spring. A midweek public holiday is not the best, it messes the whole week up, unless you are one of the fortunate few who took the whole week off. Our Heritage Day today, is no different to last year's Heritage Day.

Yesterday, as I said in this post, someone came out to fix our alarm and I think he replaced the broken passive with a non pet friendly passive. Our alarm went off in the middle of the night, actually at 4.35 am, it felt like the middle of the night. As the alarm went off, Garfield came up the passage meowing, so I am guessing she set off the alarm. I just love how we automatically assume it is a false alarm and not someone breaking in - it is a huge relief though, I am not denying that. I have no idea which zone was compromised, because it does not show up on the panel. I am not even going down the road of "the people Mark gets to work at our house". Mark can't see a con even if it is splashed all over the person in bright lights and bells.

The guy who fixed the alarm is a customer, a Jack of all traders and a master of none. We will see if Garfield sets off the alarm again tonight when she wanders off to the kitchen to eat food in the middle of the night.

Following on the post of how cute Miss Piggy is, yesterday when I came home and the guy was fixing the alarm, I asked Sheila where Spike was, she said in my room. Mark had locked him in our room when he came home to meet the alarm guy at the house. Spike is very protective and does not like strangers. I then saw Miss Piggy sitting in the passage a few steps away from the workers. I asked Sheila why she was not put away. She has her moments when she suddenly decides to attack someone who has been at the house for awhile. I told Sheila to put her in Chad's room. Sheila called her and called, she just sat there and would not budge. She sat staring ahead until the alarm guys left. Chad says that she is not an English Bull Dog for nothing - she thinks she is an English Aristocrat and looks down at everyone. I tried to take a photo of her with her nose in the air full of stubborn airs and graces.  Each time I went up to her to take a photo she turned to look at me and I could not get her in full Aristocrat mode.

After the rude awakening at 4.35 this morning, it took forever to fall asleep again, but when I did, I fell into a deep deep sleep. I barely heard Mark and Chad leave to go riding. When I finally surfaced at around 9.30, I saw a strange motorbike parked in our garden. It belonged to one of the guys who went riding with them, but I still don't know why it was at home and not with them.

Chad and Mark came home at around three and after washing their bikes went to the new Pizza Hut to get Pizza for early supper. I don't like pan Pizza so they bought me fish and chips from Skippers. Neither Mark nor Chad enjoyed the Pizza and the general consensus was that Pizza Perfect is way better and they won't be going back to Pizza Hut.

That was our Heritage Day and it is back to work tomorrow - not looking forward to that. Whilst we relax quietly watching TV, there is a Heritage Day party in full swing in the street behind us. They have been at it since before 12 and it is getting louder and louder, I feel sorry for their immediate neighbours.

Hope you had a good relaxing Heritage Day or were you one of the lucky ones who took a few days off to go away.

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Back When We......

Yesterday's prompt for Writer's Catalysts was Window Shopping, I never had a chance to get all creative yesterday, so here is my attempt today.

Remember back when we got all dressed up to go out Window Shopping. What you don't remember ever doing that - who would honestly want to go Window Shopping - what is that anyway. Sorry I forgot most of you are too young to know what we did for fun in the sixties and seventies. Yes I am THAT old, like Chad always says "Oh you mean when you traveled by ox-wagon" The cheeky boy wait until I tell him about the outings to go window shopping. 

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OK, we did other fun things like go to the zoo, go for long holidays to the sea, eat out in restaurants, the best were roadhouses, we went to movies, matinee shows like The Sound Of Music. We went on picnics, we went fishing, we went shopping and then we went Window Shopping. On the whole we did pretty much what we do today - except for the Window Shopping.

Did you know that shops used to close at 5pm on weekdays, at 1pm on Saturdays, banks closed at 11am on a Saturday and all the shops closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. There was always a corner cafe in every town or suburb, dark and dingy, very over priced owned by an angry Greek. They opened till late, everyday even Saturdays and Sundays, but very few if any opened on Public Holidays, especially Christmas; New Year and Easter. Then there was always a vegetable shop on every other corner, open for business just like the corner cafe, also dark and dingy, but with the freshest of fruit and vegetables, owned by an even angrier Portuguese man. Don't ask why they were always angry, they just were. Maybe because they worked when everyone enjoyed time off. Maybe; because the apartheid government also treated them badly; maybe people did not respect them and looked down on them - whatever the reason they were mostly surly angry and unfriendly, but if you wanted bread or a coke or sweets you shopped there or you waited until Monday morning.

There was no shopping for clothes or furniture or even grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon. You rushed to the shops on a Saturday morning, they were jam packed, you did your shopping, went home and relaxed, glad that you made it before 1pm. That left very little time to go around looking for the perfect lounge suite; or that pretty dress you needed for a special night out, so what did you do. You all piled into the car and drove into town at night and looked at the lovely displays in the well lit shop windows. Maybe money was tight and there was nothing to do, so off you went as a family to look at all the things you couldn't afford. Walking up and down the streets, there were no malls like we have today - all shopping was done in town. Yes Joburg CBD - imagine we went there at night to walk around looking in shop windows, we did it in Durban CBD too. We never had TV then either and when TV first came to South Africa there were NO adverts - how cool was that, but was it that cool. The Edgars' sale looks so much more appealing on TV than it does in a black and white newspaper advert - and yes Chad, there was an Edgars back in the day - Can you believe it. The best was going Window Shopping in December when the whole city was lit up with Christmas lights and we went into town to see the lights. When the Christmas decorations were put up in December and not in September like today. Now by the time Christmas comes you are so sick of the sight of Reindeer and Jingle Bells and Christmas Cheer left sometime in October and Window Shopping is something you avoid like the plague.

So now do you get why went went Window Shopping all dressed up for a night on the town - there was not much else to do I guess . Now we whip out an electronic device, search what we are looking for and either buy it online or rush off to the mall on a Saturday afternoon and buy whatever we found online or better still whip out the good old credit card and order it online without even leaving home.

The good old days - when toilet paper was toilet paper and Shea Butter was a lotion. Were they really the good old days - there is good and bad now and in the past and we just need to remember both so we can enjoy the future

Did you ever go Window Shopping or are you only from the Google Generation. This post was for the Writers Catalysts prompt for Tuesday. To join in or find out more about Writers Catalyst Click Here or Here

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

It Came Out Of Nowhere

On Saturday afternoon I was so exhausted, I slept for about 3 hours. I woke up at around 5.30pm and it seemed very dark outside, but I thought nothing of it, because the Sun is only starting to set later now that it is Spring - I am used to the early Winter sunsets. I went out to feed the birds, my budgies who stay in my old office and then I filled up the dog's water bowls that are in the kitchen and courtyard and came inside. Within seconds, I heard banging on the carport, like rocks being thrown on it. It took me a few seconds to realise that it could only be hail.

Just a couple of nights earlier, Chad and I were going on about Mark selling the Landrover. I thought Chad was on board with the whole selling of the Landrover - turns out he is not. Mark's argument was that there is no place for my car under the carport and soon it is going to hail and my car is going to get damaged in a hailstorm again. It happened at work last year in November. It could happen anywhere, but Mark was sticking to his reasoning and I am not that convinced anymore that it should go.

Last year was the first time ever that I have had a car damaged by hail. Chances of it happening again after 30 years of being hail damage free, was rather slim and it is September - it does not hail in September. It took me a few minutes to register that the sound I was hearing was more than likely hail. OK, I should have panicked at the thought that our carport was being pelted with rocks, but as I said I was exhausted and my long afternoon nap just made my brain very fuzzy.

As I came out the kitchen to tell Mark it was hailing, he came out of the lounge shouting for my car keys, because it was hailing. I didn't quite know where he was moving my car, so I watched through the open front door and saw him parking under the tree that I wanted to chop down in this post. We haven't chopped it down, because we are very good at procrastinating. Luckily we did not chop the tree down, because the hail came pelting down for about 20 minutes or so it seemed and my car needed cover. Whilst Mark was sitting in my car under the tree half in our property half out the gate waiting for the storm to subside, I said to Chad, dad is going to walk in here and say the Landrover has to go, we can't have all these cars here getting damaged by hail. What did he say when the hail stopped - those exact words. We just laughed. He was confused and annoyed and then Chad told him that I just said he was going to say that. The hail was hectic - the pictures below are very blurred but it was very dark outside and I had to change the setting on my camera to night setting.

The garden was smashed and covered in leaves the next morning. Leaves and mud and dirty slush and after all Mark's efforts to save my car from hail damage, my bonnet was damaged. The hail came down at a slant and hit my bonnet. It is now nice and pock marked again and the garden looked like a tornado had hit it.

I  was really upset, because Clint's Memorial Garden was all smashed and all the seedlings that our gardener had planted on Tuesday were smashed and washed away. As usual I never took a photo of it on Tuesday or Friday after our gardener had done the garden.

Our electric fence was damaged during the storm, which affected our alarm. It was strange though, because our alarm worked on Saturday night, but not on Sunday night and last night. Someone came to fix our alarm today and our gardener came today, so we seem to be back to normal after the storm. Chad and Mark cleaned up a lot of the leaves in the front on Sunday and I did Clint's garden, but the gardener did the rest today.

Did you have hail where you live - lets hope we don't have anymore anytime soon.

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