Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Tiny Fish In A Huge Pond

That is what my blog is - a very very tiny fish in this huuuuuge online pond. I have a really small following on my blog and I appreciate every single one of you who take the time out of your busy lives to read my ramblings and hysteria and I really and truly appreciate the comments and tweets and emails sharing your thoughts about my ramblings.  My blog is not award winning and I am not foolish enough to believe that it is or ever will be. For years and years when I started this blog, it was just a journal of our lives. A place to record our journey through life - a place for our memories and that is the main reason why I blog.

My blog is my hobby, my (only) creative outlet - you can read all about my creative abilities (lack of) over here. For years, I just blogged into this empty space and did not interact with other bloggers. This year it all changed when I started following other blogs and I was inspired to take my blog to the next level - so to speak. I now have Google Analytics and know people read my blog. I am more open about my blog to Mark and Chad - Mark did not even know I had a blog until last year (I think) and he is always surprised that people actually read my ramblings - so am I actually.

It is still quite a shock when I receive an email in my inbox about my blog - this excludes the spam. The other week I received an email, which came across as spam, but I read it and it was from someone who sent me a proposal to work with my blog. In the spirit of taking my blog to the next level, I said I would be interested and asked for more info. The collaboration would be to promote their new website for FREE. I was telling Mark about it and he said that is a dam cheek - I never thought about it that way - I was just thinking that they had a genuine interest in me as a blogger and in my blog. Sometimes you need someone else's perspective to make you see the bigger picture and Mark helped me see that. It made even more sense when I was sent more info and it was not from someone starting out from scratch, but from someone working for a person who already has a couple of online businesses that are very successful. Had it been a charity - unknown or even well known, I would have looked at it differently.

I don't have time for my own blog; I don't even have the time or more the inclination to take and post photos on Instagram for the Photo A Day Challenge that I love and am so addicted to - so why would I take time out to promote someone else's business. I do not have time to promote our own business on Social Media or fix up our business's website or increase our online presence, so why would I spend time on another business that I have no interest in.

I have not received any money for my blog or anything I have posted on my blog - not even for My Scoop Sponsored Posts - that is another story for another post. However, all those posts are for products that I love and use - it is part of what works for us and what doesn't as we make our journey through this life. The only campaign that I do not have personal experience of is the Santam one, but it is to promote road safety and that is HUGE in my life - anything that promotes safety on our roads gets a huge tick from me. Therefore, the fact that I haven't received payment as yet, is neither here nor there. They only payout after you have reached a target and I have not reached that target yet.

The proposal that was sent to me by the other company was for a product/service I have never used nor have I ever heard of it - so why would I promote it, whether I was paid to or not. It goes against every principle I have to promote something I know nothing about - online or in real life. It goes against my integrity and my character and who I am as a person. I over analyse everything and what is even a bigger cheek is that they did not really read my blog, because if they did, they would know that I would not promote their service. It relates to the medical industry and everyone who knows me or follows my blog knows how I feel about the medical industry in general and why I feel the way I do about the industry.
Coincidentally, I read this post about what bloggers and brands want this week and it would seem by reading the comments in this post, that it happens to be common practice for brands to randomly send out emails that are not applicable to the blog or to expect posts to be done for free. Whether blogs are an individual's business and source of income or just tiny like mine, we all put a lot of effort into our blogs and that should be respected.

Do I want to get to that stage of sifting through emails that want a free plug on my blog - I don't think so. It just boils down to the same as the spam sent from the hackers who try and get you to click on a dodgy link.

What are your thoughts - let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section below or by sending me an email by clicking on the envelope on my Contact Page . I now have a Facebook page for my blog, where you can also comment on posts, which you can find over here.

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