Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Covering Up Our Inadequacies And Insecurities In Winter Woolies

It is no secret that I hate Winter, I have always hated Winter. This morning whilst I was in the shower I was thinking (where we all do our thinking and amazing ideas are thought up) that just maybe, everyone born during the Summer months love Summer and everyone born in Winter loves Winter. That would be an interesting fact to research.

Without a doubt this Winter was not as cold for me as what previous Winters have been. I can still remember 2012 was really cold. Last year I never felt as cold as previous years, but it was colder than this year - I have put it down to giving up smoking . We did have some VERY cold days - I won't lie. Wind howling, below zero temperatures. We also had a very long Winter, it seems like it was Winter forever. I think that is partly because  it rained so much in the beginning of the year - it just felt like we did not have much of a Summer - besides the very hot days scattered in between.

It was freezing cold around the weekend of the 30th of August, so I assumed we would slowly go into Spring - most of the early Spring blossoms either froze or were blown far far away and we had most of our August winds at the end of August beginning of September.

Well on Monday morning, whilst I was having my morning tea, I went through my Twitter Timeline and read a tweet saying that it would be 30° on Monday. I thought it must be a mistake and went down my timeline and all news accounts said the temps for Joburg was 28° to 30°.  I was not ready for Summer temps. Yes I should have embraced the good weather, but what was I going to wear. I had not painted my toe nails. I normally get lazy in Winter and give my toe nails a break from nail polish, but this Winter they have been painted right through until about 3 weeks ago. My feet are not dry and calloused - just my nails that are not painted. I just was not ready to change over into Summer clothes and open toed shoes. So it is socks and boots still. I sit with the air-con on in my tiny office and get freezing cold so I have to wear a light jacket. 

I could never understand why some people love Winter - why would you love being cold. Well I got to thinking - maybe it is more to do with the fact that Winter is comforting and not so much the actual temperatures. All those warm fuzzy feelings we get when cuddled under a blanket, sipping hot cocoa, next to a fire. Hiding all our imperfections under jackets and jerseys. Hiding our hurt deep in scarves - hidden from an unkind world. Hiding more than the flabby arms and lumpy legs. We hide our characters and personalities - we feel safe and secure in our Winter Woolies - hiding from a cruel unforgiving universe.

Chad asked me last night if I was still using my electric blanket and I said no - he is still switching his on every night - he said it is just out of habit. Another comfort - feeling safe and snug and warm at night - where as in Summer you lie on top of the bedding feeling exposed, but too hot to snuggle deep into the comforting warmth.

So do I prefer Winter to Summer - I may be warming to the idea of the comforting warmth that Winter has to offer. It is also a stark reminder that some of us can enjoy creature comforts and warmth on cold icy nights, I think I will always be a Summer person, because I love the beauty that surrounds us in Summer. My St Joseph Lillies that I bought for Spring Day have opened and I absolutely adore them and the fragrance as you walk past them. I have been taking photos with my blackberry these days, because it is just easier than downloading from my camera.

The ones above belong in Clint's room, but I had taken then outside yesterday evening to water them when I took the photo and the ones below I took this morning of the ones in the dining room.

Are you a Summer person or Winter person - what makes you love either Winter or Summer?

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