Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dieting or Die Eating

Dieting - the story of my life. I have yoyo'ed through life from being fat to thin to very thin to very fat and since turning 40 a decade ago I just cannot get thin again. Last month I read a post on Fiona Child's Facebook Page about the Virgin Diet - drop seven foods and drop seven pounds in just seven days. I bought the E- Book and was very eager to get started. Who doesn't want to lose seven pounds in seven days. Losing seven pounds always sounds better than 3.5 kilograms, but we won't pull our faces up at losing 3 kilos in a week - any loss is great.

I was so eager to lose the 7 pounds and lots more, that I started the diet before even reading page one. As you can see I have read 89% of the book and guess what - if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you will know that my diet crashed horribly after only 25 days. I just can't keep it together and have no discipline or lasting will power. The book is pretty interesting, because it gives facts and the science behind eating gluten; dairy; sugar; eggs; peanuts; soy; corn (corn is nor a veg - it is a grain) - the seven foods you need to eliminate from your diet. We all know that carbs are bad for you and that we must eat healthy fats and eliminate bad fats from our diet, but most diets don't tell you why you should. This book goes into details about food intolerance and foods that heal whilst eliminating the bad foods. She does go into far too much detail about bodily functions; which is a bit gross, but other than that very interesting.

So why did I crash and burn. Well for starters Mark and Chad walked into the office with KFC Crushers on a day that my mouth was dry and I was tired and irritable, so I HAD TO HAVE ONE. I decided to add caffeine to the list of foods I was eliminating - so I was dairy, sugar and Caffeine free for 25 days. I did not think I would manage no coffee for so long, but I did. Friday I had Woolworths Cappuccino and then it just went downhill from there. I even had McDonalds and a McDonald's Ice Cream Sundae. Sunday morning I woke up feeling bloated and sick, my skin was looking pasty and the bags under my eyes even more pronounced. Did I stop there - NO I DID NOT. I even had a pie, because Chad wanted a pie and pies just don't go down well with reflux.

Chad discovered the latest Cadury Dairy Milk Oreo Chocolate and I have bought him a couple since I started the Virgin Diet and I have been so good, I did not even have one piece. This weekend I ate everything I was not meant to eat, so why not just go for broke and have an Oreo Chocolate. I will have a break for the weekend and then start a new month "tomorrow" - the proverbial tomorrow that never comes. You know how drug addicts and alcoholics can't have a weekend off from not drinking/taking drugs - well neither can food addicts - I should know that and I do know that. Food addicts binge until they wake up in the glutton gutter - overweight; pasty skin; depressed and with every excuse under the sun. I had to have that chocolate - the shop at work always has them - guess what they were sold out. Instead of taking it as a sign, that I must not eat chocolate, I drove around (last night) looking for a shop that sold Oreo chocolates - none of our stores had any so I settled for a Bubbly Top Deck and like a glutton I ate the whole huge slab.

Today, I am back on my version of the Virgin Diet - I am feeling awful after the sugar and caffeine and gluten overload. I have to start all over again. The reason why I say it is my version of the Virgin Diet is because half the stuff I cannot find in our stores, like the ingredients for the smoothies and Palm Fruit Oil. Have you heard of it? It is made in Africa and imported to the States - we live in {South} Africa and I cannot find it anywhere - have not heard of it. Rice cakes are a no no on the diet, because they are over processed, but I have been eating the gluten free ones. I realised that I only love tuna if it is with mayonnaise. I can't eat mayo on the diet, so I need something to eat the tuna with.

I have to keep up with the diet to keep my cholesterol down. It has gone down to 5.09, so it has come down without medication. My glucose is normal but that is with medication. Oh and an update on my bruised arm from the Blood Monster - it is now an ugly green and yellow and itchy.

Are you going on a diet for summer? Do you stick to diets and what diets do you recommend? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or click on the envelope on my Contact Page and email me.

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