Tuesday, 23 September 2014

For The Love Of A Dog

I have been mulling over the idea of joining one of the many writing challenges on the interwebs , but am not sure that I am disciplined enough to join in. I thoroughly enjoy the photo a day challenge, although this month I have totally slacked off and need to get back into again soon. I don't run out of ideas to blog about, I just run out of motivation to actually open up my laptop and start a post. Then on Saturday, I read that Sula from Skimming Stones, one of my favourite blogs to read has started a blogging challenge. It is a no rules challenge, which speaks to the rebel in me - I don't do well when it comes to rules - that is silly rules not law abiding rules.

Sula is a writer not just a blogger and I wasn't sure if I would join in, because I just blog about our everyday life, as boring as what it is. I am by no means a writer, but today I decided to join in. You can find the daily prompts over here. Today when I saw the prompt "My Pet" I HAD to write something. OK, I don't need an excuse to write about my pet, my many pets, but today I was feeling very sad and sentimental and as I read the prompt, I thought about Miss Piggy and how much joy she has brought us.

All of our animals bring us joy, but Miss Piggy seemed to bring a kind of joy to our lives that a new born baby would bring. I never celebrated my birthday at all after Clinty died and still do prefer if it is forgotten. In 2010, the day before my birthday, Chad asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said nothing. He went on about it and I realised that I was being unfair to him, because he deserved to have a normal childhood or as normal as possible. I made light of not wanting a present and said that I wanted a Bull Dog puppy with a pink ribbon wrapped around her. That's what I wanted nothing more and nothing less. Big mistake - Chad rushed off to tell Mark and next thing we were buying a Bull Dog. We didn't get her on my birthday, but very soon after. She was not even my choice. I wanted a younger puppy, she was already 10 weeks old. Mark and Chad fell in love with her cuteness and I just loved the younger ones. Chad had a tantrum and I was not giving in - I thought he was being brattish. In the end the cost of the puppies became the deciding factor. She was very expensive and the younger ones even more expensive. We were not planning on spending so much on a dog, so we left to think about it and Chad was quite distraught and angry. Mark had a motorbike that he was selling and said if he sells the bike we will buy the puppy. For once in our lives - that's how it feels sometimes - our plans worked out and someone bought the bike that afternoon. We were getting our puppy. My birthday present, became Chad's dog. I did not mind, because Chad needed that in his life.

We had other dogs and loved them all, they all brought us joy and comfort, but Miss Piggy brought so much more. Pluto, my baby, who absolutely adored Clinton, mourned Clint for a very long time and still does I am sure. A year after Clint died, Rambo our Bull Mastiff died - Pluto's very best friend. We then got Spike, Mark's Bull Terrier, who is Mark's dog through and through - Spike and Mark equal Man and his best friend. Pluto hates Spike and Spike hated Pluto until he had the snip and became a lovely dog, but Pluto still hates him. Jingles has always been a kind of loner, even before the arrival of the two brats - Spike and Piggy, but she is more of a loner now than before.

Pluto just fell in love with Miss Piggy and they have the most incredible bond. Sometimes I think Pluto thinks she is Rambo and his best friend is back. Piggy is not always as calm as she looks in photos.She can be a monster at times, but Pluto has such a calming effect on her. You cannot walk her with Spike, because she goes ballistic - walk her with Pluto and she is so calm. She probably wouldn't even need a lead, although I will never take a chance and walk her or any of our dogs without a lead. She fights with Jingles and Spike, but never with Pluto. Although,  I do worry that she might kill him one day - that she will love him to death, she always has to sleep on top of him.

Every morning they get up when I do, go outside and then come to the kitchen and get biscuits. I forgot to mention, Piggy only knows me when she wants biscuits or when she wants to get on the couch and Spike is lying between Mark and Chad. She tells me by looking me in the eye and barks and barks and barks. Otherwise she NEVER sits by me or comes to me for cuddles. I still love her to bits - we have an understanding. When I go and shower after morning chores, tea and (dog) biscuits her and Pluto go and sleep on Spike's bed, which is next to my dressing table. That is their routine every single morning. During the night she leaves Chad's bed and goes and lies right on top of poor Pluto and he just sleeps.

She is just so cute and the way she wiggles her backside and does a little dance to get biscuits is just too cute for words. She is so naughty at times, but just like a spoilt brat gets away with everything. She rescued us and we rescued her. We might have paid a fortune for her, but if we did not buy her, who knows where she would have ended up. She has Cherry eye, she came to us with mange, she is not as big as a show dog should be, so would have been no use to a breeder nor as a show dog. What she is very good at is loves and cuddles and lots of cuteness.

She is not My Pet, she is our sweet little baby.

If you want to join in, you can find out all about the challenge on the Writers Catalysts Facebook Page.

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