Monday, 1 September 2014

Happy Spring Day 2014

Happy Spring Day to those of you living on this side of the equator. Although being in South Africa, you will be forgiven for thinking we are going straight into Winter. It warmed up a bit yesterday, but last night was freezing again. Friday night the temperatures dropped down to minus one or two. Crazy crazy!!! They say we need one last cold front before Spring to kill all the germs and parasites, well if they are not dead after that cold spell, they never will be. Of course they won't be dead, all the flu bugs are circling the human race to make us ill as we go into the warmer months.

I was going to buy cut flowers yesterday, but at the price of one bunch, I could buy two of my favourite plants - St Joseph Lilly. The plants will last much longer than buying cut flowers and then I can replant the bulbs. I have been looking for St Joseph Lilly bulbs for years and years and was so happy to find the plants at Woolworths yesterday. Once the flowers have died off, I can plant the bulbs - win win all the way.

St Joseph Lilly

Wishing you a day filled with pretty spring flowers and warmth

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