Thursday, 25 September 2014

I Don't Do Stupid

I don't mean the "ask a hundred questions" stupid - that's not stupid. If you really don't get something that I am explaining or teaching and you ask questions, I will patiently explain. BUT that is not the topic of this post.

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Today I am tired and cranky and I don't like Thursdays. Yesterday's midweek public holiday hasn't made my morning blues any better and I am not in the mood for stupid people.

Stupid is when you phone me and say, "I tried calling Mark on his cellphone, but he is busy on it, can I speak to him" "Yes sure, I will grab his phone out of his hand, cut the call and give him this phone, because you are more important than the other person"  Wait is that stupidity or just plain old disrespect?

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The other one is "Mark knows my car" "Um no he doesn't - can you see 50 other cars here - he doesn't even know his own cars. Yes he makes you feel like the only customer he has, but you need to give me something - like your name maybe"

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The best so far was a man who called to discuss a very sensitive issue. His car was in for a service then came back a week later for additional repairs. It was still with us when he called two days later to discuss this sensitive issue and words like legal, liable and lawyer were bandied around. When his car was in for the service his organ donor card was stolen and his car licence disc. So some car was driving around with his stolen licence disc. "Ye, I am sure it is and they are on the way to your house to cut out your organs with your organ donor card so they can sell them on the black market" OK, I didn't say that, but I bit a huge hole in my tongue that still has not healed to stop my self from saying that and worse.

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Firstly this guy';s brother-in-law has been bringing not only his company cars, but all of his personal cars (he has four adult daughters) to us for over ten years. If we made a habit of stealing organ donor cards and licence discs, I don't think we would still be in business and I don't think brother-in-law would still be coming to us and referring us to friends and family. The call became quite stressful, because Mark and I were both at the other branch, not where the car was and the staff were saying that both the licence disc and donor card were on the windscreen, securely attached. The more Mark was telling "STUPID" that it was on the windscreen, the more he was saying it wasn't. Initially the staff did not know what a donor card was - maybe they thought it was a liver or heart that went missing. Mark was going to drive to the other branch to check that the right disc was on the windscreen, but there was a bad accident at the intersection at the other branch and cars were backed for miles. The staff were trying to send me a picture of said stolen stuff, but the picture was just not coming through on whatsapp or sms. When things go wrong they go WRONG. It felt like hours, but was only a couple of minutes, but if you know Mark, then you will know how he can rant and rave and shout at the staff if he has an unhappy client - not a pretty experience. There was not even a sorry from "STUPID" for the false accusation.

Happy Thursday

Have an awesome stupid free Thursday - we getting there weekend.

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