Wednesday, 24 September 2014

It Came Out Of Nowhere

On Saturday afternoon I was so exhausted, I slept for about 3 hours. I woke up at around 5.30pm and it seemed very dark outside, but I thought nothing of it, because the Sun is only starting to set later now that it is Spring - I am used to the early Winter sunsets. I went out to feed the birds, my budgies who stay in my old office and then I filled up the dog's water bowls that are in the kitchen and courtyard and came inside. Within seconds, I heard banging on the carport, like rocks being thrown on it. It took me a few seconds to realise that it could only be hail.

Just a couple of nights earlier, Chad and I were going on about Mark selling the Landrover. I thought Chad was on board with the whole selling of the Landrover - turns out he is not. Mark's argument was that there is no place for my car under the carport and soon it is going to hail and my car is going to get damaged in a hailstorm again. It happened at work last year in November. It could happen anywhere, but Mark was sticking to his reasoning and I am not that convinced anymore that it should go.

Last year was the first time ever that I have had a car damaged by hail. Chances of it happening again after 30 years of being hail damage free, was rather slim and it is September - it does not hail in September. It took me a few minutes to register that the sound I was hearing was more than likely hail. OK, I should have panicked at the thought that our carport was being pelted with rocks, but as I said I was exhausted and my long afternoon nap just made my brain very fuzzy.

As I came out the kitchen to tell Mark it was hailing, he came out of the lounge shouting for my car keys, because it was hailing. I didn't quite know where he was moving my car, so I watched through the open front door and saw him parking under the tree that I wanted to chop down in this post. We haven't chopped it down, because we are very good at procrastinating. Luckily we did not chop the tree down, because the hail came pelting down for about 20 minutes or so it seemed and my car needed cover. Whilst Mark was sitting in my car under the tree half in our property half out the gate waiting for the storm to subside, I said to Chad, dad is going to walk in here and say the Landrover has to go, we can't have all these cars here getting damaged by hail. What did he say when the hail stopped - those exact words. We just laughed. He was confused and annoyed and then Chad told him that I just said he was going to say that. The hail was hectic - the pictures below are very blurred but it was very dark outside and I had to change the setting on my camera to night setting.

The garden was smashed and covered in leaves the next morning. Leaves and mud and dirty slush and after all Mark's efforts to save my car from hail damage, my bonnet was damaged. The hail came down at a slant and hit my bonnet. It is now nice and pock marked again and the garden looked like a tornado had hit it.

I  was really upset, because Clint's Memorial Garden was all smashed and all the seedlings that our gardener had planted on Tuesday were smashed and washed away. As usual I never took a photo of it on Tuesday or Friday after our gardener had done the garden.

Our electric fence was damaged during the storm, which affected our alarm. It was strange though, because our alarm worked on Saturday night, but not on Sunday night and last night. Someone came to fix our alarm today and our gardener came today, so we seem to be back to normal after the storm. Chad and Mark cleaned up a lot of the leaves in the front on Sunday and I did Clint's garden, but the gardener did the rest today.

Did you have hail where you live - lets hope we don't have anymore anytime soon.

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