Monday, 8 September 2014

One Year; Four Months And Three Days Smoke Free

So I have hit the 16 month mark of my no smoking journey and you are probably wondering when I am going to stop counting the months and days and years. Well I don't think I ever will - posting here makes me more accountable and less likely to light up again.

I don't think I ever will start smoking again, but you never know, especially how the Universe loves throwing a spanner in my well laid out plans. What I can say about my smoke free journey is that I am feeling the cravings a little less now, although saying that, on Friday night I reached out for my cigarettes and they were not there. Then I was like "You don't smoke anymore you idiot"  and made myself a cup of tea.

I feel much better than I did this time last year on my four month smoke free anniversary. Mark has a client that is a doctor - his new doctor, newly qualified I might add and she said that it takes two years before you become exactly the same as a person that has never smoked. I find that hard to believe and doubt that someone who has smoked for say five years could be as healthy as someone who smoked for thirty five years. However, having said that I do feel better, but that could be the change in my diet, although this weekend I have crashed again!!!!!

I am becoming a real typical non smoker and become almost violent in my quest to keep smokers away from my open door at work. I always believed that I was a considerate smoker, that is from when smoking laws were enforced, but sadly to say, there are no considerate smokers, I was just less inconsiderate than many. Some people are just downright inconsiderate. So please take this as my humble apologies for polluting the air you had to breathe around me when I was a smoker.

There is ALWAYS a but and that but is - if you drink alcohol and your alcohol invades my space or anyone else's space then the apology is not for you. I can smell alcohol on someone from as far or as close as what I can smell stale cigarette smoke and there is no difference between stale alcohol and stale cigarettes, both are disgusting and we won't even go down the path of drunks annoying everyone around them - so if you drink don't judge my ex-smoking habits.

Don't you find it so funny how all these health fanatics and fitness fanatics almost always drink alcohol. There is nothing healthy about alcohol or any other mind altering substance and alcohol is a mind altering substance - yes beer and wine also. Yes, red wine has antioxidants and is heart healthy, but that is one glass, at the max two if you are a strapping young man, but anymore than that is just consuming a mind altering substance that is unhealthy. They go for a run; work out; cycle; only eat healthy foods and then guzzle down a beer or six and then call themselves fit and health fanatics. I could go on forever, but I won't. I do enjoy a drink or two from time to time in case you are wondering - provided I am not driving or not planning on driving in the next 24 hours. I am not a fitness fanatic nor a health fanatic, just an ex-smoker who hates double standards and hypocrites. Be fit; be healthy and be fantastic and have drink or six with your healthy fit routine, just don't believe you are any healthier than non fitness and health fanatics who don't drink alcohol.

So here is to my new addiction - Chamomile Tea - I am drinking it with milk today and it doesn't taste that good with milk, I haven't had milk in my tea for ages and I think I will go back to milk-less sugarless tea. So good for calming you down when you stressed out and in need of a cigarette.

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