Monday, 8 September 2014

You Are Never Too Old To Learn - Or Are You?

Yesterday, On Thursday, I missed my Thursday Thoughts Post and my 16 month smoke free post, because I was doing a Joomla Course. Ever since we moved our Company website over to Afrihost in July 2013, I have wanted to learn Joomla Web Design, so that I can do our Website myself without site builders and make it the way I want it.

Why Joomla - well when you sign up with Afrihost you get Softaculous as part of the package and that is where I heard about Joomla. I Googled it and everything came up with Joomla being the easiest and best and not forgetting free web builder software. Needless to say, I downloaded the demo, read a few tutorials and dumped the idea. I just could not get this old grief stricken brain to absorb the easiness of it.

The other day, I was searching for something, I forget what it was, and came across a site advertising a Spring Special on Joomla Training. I sent an email, received feedback, sent another email received feedback and was quite happy with it. What I liked about it, was that a) it was not an online course - tried that and failed horribly (see previous paragraph) and b) the training is done at your place of work, which meant I would not have to cross any borders to get there and get lost and get all stressed out - and by crossing the border, I mean my version of crossing the border. On Monday, I paid for the course, did the booking, sent the proof of payment and then waited until Thursday

My office/reception/gathering place is not a very good place for training, so I thought that doing the training at home would be far better - home is only a kilometer away from work so there was no travelling difference. I have to open in the mornings at work, so I sent an email to find out what time the course started in order for me to be back at home in time for the course. I never received a response, I tried calling, but there was no answer - it was a land line and they say if a business has a land line it is highly unlikely that it will be a scam. The later it got the more stressed I got, thinking that I had been scammed. On Wednesday night when I went to check that my alarm (on my phone) was set for the morning, I saw that I had received an email and the trainer would be at my house between 8.30 and 8.45 and the course started at 9am - was I relieved that it was not a scam. There are so many scams out there that you cannot trust anyone.

I did the course through Peritus Consulting and Dewald, the host/trainer is not only very knowledgeable, but also very professional. It is a one day course and it was so easy, because of the way he explained everything and I kept waiting for it to get harder. In fact Dewald kept telling me to stop underestimating myself, because it was not going to get any harder. I did confess to him that I had thought I had been scammed - he had already apologized and said that he was having problems with his phone and internet. It was during a conversation about all the fly by nights out there. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to do websites with Joomla. Joomla is so easy - now that I know where to start and what I am doing. OK, confession time I have not been anywhere near it since I finished the course, but I am sure it will be easy once I start.

I did the course in our dining room, because my home office is more of a storeroom than an office (the photos were taken today, I am using Clint's desk). Our dogs were so embarrassing - they kept barking and scratching on the door to come in. Miss Piggy and Spike had a huge fight - the first in many years, eventually they settled down and there were no more interruptions. The other very embarrassing thing was my very (2 year) old laptop. The letters have faded off my keyboard and in frustration one day, I used tippex to try and paint the letters back on and made a huge mess and my mouse is broken - I need a new laptop desperately!!!! I never thought all that through before booking the course.

Dewald does other courses, not only Joomla and I can highly recommend him as a training officer. You can see what services he offers over here.

You are never too old to learn, but I won't lie, my head hurt by the end of the day from all the concentrating. Next, I want to do a photography course. I never went on the free course when Mark bought my camera for my birthday, so I am really struggling with the manual modes. I could still go for the free one, but I am not keen on going to the place where Mark bought the camera.

Now to do our Company website - I haven't started at all, because I need to plan first, take photos, decide how we want the website and then only get onto Joomla and start building it. I am so bad at planning and doing things step by step. I dive in head first, make a mess and then abandon it, but I have a training manual, so if I get stuck that should help. The only downfall of this course is that you do not get a certificate to say you have done the course.

Have you done any courses lately that you would recommend or are you looking to do a course in the near future - let me know in the comments section below or email me by clicking on the envelope on my Contact Page.

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