Sunday, 12 October 2014

All About Kalahari And My Comfort Curve Keyboard

I am not a touch typist and did not do typing at school. Although I am not quite a two finger typist, I am self taught and any old school typing teacher will tell you, if you start typing the wrong way, you will never ever be able to learn to type the correct way. That is so true, I have tried Typing Tutor and various other online typing tests and exercises and I always go back to my way of typing. I am pretty fast, but have to look at the keys when I type. Using the correct finger for each letter is slow and frustrating for me, but I wish I had learnt the right way the first time, because being a touch typist must be so fast and efficient and so cool.

Along with my self taught typing skills, I have a thing about germs on my keyboards. I am always cleaning them with Dettol Wet Wipes or those Wet Wipes you get to clean your computer screen. Not sure what they are called - they are on my desk at work and I have a short memory. The result being a keyboard with no letters on it - or very few letters. I can mostly type with half the letters missing, because after years of typing, you get to remember where the  keys are. However, on stressful days, days when I am super tired and days when I am in a rush to send an email or type a document, my mind and memory fly out the window and I retype the wrong letter twenty times. It is so frustrating.

Yes I know keyboards are dirt cheap and I have no idea why I didn't just go buy a new keyboard for my desktop at least. I also need a laptop, but the thought of setting up a new laptop gives me a giant headache. Well on Monday I was having a very stressful morning and I was retyping "V" "C" "B" "N" a thousand times when I just had enough and at that point a penny dropped and I thought "Oh why didn't I think of that long ago". I signed up as a Kalahari Affiliate so why have I not logged into my Kalahari account and ordered a keyboard. Well I did just that on Monday morning. I also ordered two gel mouse pads. One for home and one for work. The keyboard had an 8 day delivery time and the gel mouse pads 10 days. It was so much easier than driving to a shopping centre that sells computer accessories and looking for a keyboard that I like.

On Friday afternoon, I received the "Your Parcel has been dispatched" email and I expected it to arrive on Monday or Tuesday, because it takes 24 to 48 hours for delivery during business hours. I was so amazed and impressed when I car pulled up to our gate at 11.50, hooted, Mark went out and came in with my new keyboard - on a Saturday. Once again I paid no delivery fee and I am again impressed with Kalahari.

It is a bit strange that they sent the keyboard without the Gel Mouse Pads, but I am not complaining. It is impressive, because I never paid a delivery fee and it is delivered by courier and not the post office. Kalahari is not doing postal deliveries due to the ongoing postal strike.

I am using my keyboard on my laptop now and maybe I should just buy a wireless keyboard for my laptop instead of buying a new laptop, although the laptops at Kalahari are also very reasonably priced. You can check them out on Kalahari over here.

I love this new Comfort Curve Keyboard - it is not wireless. I don't need a wireless one for my desktop. I love that it is not only an ergonomic keyboard - my old rickety sore wrists are going to be so glad I bought it, but it is also a clicky keyboard. Why I am happy that is goes click click as I type, I don't know I just love the feel and sound of a clickity click keyboard.

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This post was not sponsored, it is my personal opinion of Kalahari and the Comfort Curve Keyboard. I was not paid or given any products to write this post, however, if you click on any of the Kalahari links in this post and purchase an item from Kalahari, I will earn commission on the item.
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