Monday, 27 October 2014

Clothes And Rainy Days

After a week of 30° temperatures and noisy storms with very little rain, it finally rained hard drenching rain last night. It rained for most part of the night and early morning and we woke up to a sodden garden and the plants are happy and grateful. Today is chilly and grey and overcast, which is good for the garden. Having no harsh sun rays to suck up all the moisture for one day is good - if it carries on tomorrow, not so good. Monday there is piles of laundry to do and going to work in the rain not fun at all. Night Time rain is the best.

Each time we think hot Summer days are here to stay, the weather decides otherwise and it gets cold. I don't like October and November weather, because it tends to be more drab than sunshine, but Summer is just around the corner and we are wearing more Summer clothes than Winter clothes. I was having a look at all the lovely Summer clothes online and soon I am going to have to take Chad shopping for new clothes. Teenage boys grow faster than little boys and they don't wear whatever mom decides will look good on them.

Clint was much easier to shop for than Chad. Clint did not have the patience to walk from shop to shop, from clothes rail to clothes rail to find something to try on and then buy. He was a jeans and T-shirt guy - Chad loves to dress up and loves style and fashion and sometimes I get it right when I buy clothes for him, but it is normally what he has seen and then I will go and buy it. Chad's taste also changes all the time. Clint loved his brand name T-Shirts, like No Fear and Fox and Bad Boy, but only wore jeans from Mr Price, now known as Mr P. Most of Chad's gym clothes are from Mr P. Maxed Gym Shoes; Track Pants and Vest Shirts. I don't know what Mark would do if he could no longer buy his Reflex rugby shorts from Mr P. He wears them Summer and Winter and even Chad has given up trying to make his father more fashionable.

Did you know that you can win a years supply of clothing from Mr P? If you haven't already entered, then Click here to WIN hot fashion for a year worth R12 000! Imagine not having to worry about budgeting for clothes for a whole year and being able to clothe your whole family for one year. With their reasonably priced clothing from tiny tots to adults, fitness fanatics and fussy teenagers that would be one awesome prize to win. I have entered and would love to Win. That will be Instant Genius even without the beer.

The competition is open to residents of South Africa; Nigeria and Australia - see terms and conditions on entry form. So whilst I spend my Sunday afternoon Online, looking through all the clothes I am hoping to win from Mr P, Miss Piggy is sitting at the door waiting, not so patiently for Chad to come home.

Thanks for reading and hope you are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon

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