Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Face Mask - Not The Halloween Type

No the picture below is not a Halloween Mask, but believe you me if I had to walk down the road with it on, I will frighten off quite a few thugs.

When I was young, I really abused my face/skin. I would go to bed with makeup on after a late night out. I washed my face with soap - normal bath soap and I hardly ever put moisturizer on. Toner was something that did not exist. I was fortunate in that I did not have bad acne, but did have the odd spot, which I believed needed antibiotics and special dermatological lotion and my doctor willingly prescribed it for me. I have more spots now - all hormonal. That was not even the abuse - it was just neglect and laziness.

The abuse was the sun. I would lie in the sun and roast   boil in a frying pan of oil. I would lie in the sun the whole day and burn with Brylcreem. You probably don't know what that is. It is stuff men used to put in their hair to give it that 60's Greased look. Think Elvis Presley and Greased Lightning. It was already out of fashion for men, so don't ask me why we tanned with it, but we did. If it was not Brylcream, it was butter or cooking oil - hence we boiled like a chip in a frying pan. This was in Durban; mid summer and we used to tan on the roof of our Res. Don't ask me why either, it was not for privacy, but something about being closer to the sun. My one friend used Brake Fluid and lay topless on the roof for the whole day. She burnt so badly, I don't know if it was just the sun only or if the brake fluid burnt her too. She was a crazy girl. We were trainee nurses, but skin cancer did not frighten us. Neither did lung cancer or cirrhosis of the liver, mind you. I "tanned" like that when I was at school, but not to the extent that we did as a bunch of girls trying to out tan each other. We knew it all and really sunblock was not a "thing" in those days. There was tanning oil advertised and promoted, but not sun block.

I started to look after my skin to a degree from when I was about 25, but still lay in the sun without sunblock - what was sunblock anyway. It is a wonder I don't have skin cancer and if not skin cancer, then tough leathery skin. From when I turned 35 I really started with the "anti-wrinkle" creams, but it was a bit late. The lines were there already, but I am attracted to "anti-aging" creams and lotions. A few months ago I found this Sorbet Firming Face Mask at Clicks. It is Anti-Aging & Hydrating and I had to try it. It is so amazing.

After cleansing and toning, you open up the packet, unfold the mask and put it on your face. You smooth it into your skin and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. I do it for 20 minutes. The only negative, is that it should have a neck piece - what you do to your face you need to do to your neck. The excess can be rubbed into your neck, but it is not as much as letting your skin drink in all the serum. My face feels so much smoother and softer and even clearer after using it. You are supposed to use it twice a week for the first month and then monthly thereafter or as and when needed. At R37.95 for one sachet, it is quite pricey for twice a week. It can't be used more than once. My face just sucks it all up and the mask is quite dry after 20 minutes. After the first month, R39.95 a month is really nothing - I spent more on cigarettes in a day and it is worth it. The skin has a four week regeneration process, that is why you need to do it twice weekly for 4 weeks. It contains hyaluronic acid; collagen and vitamin E, all of which help with aging.

My recommendation is to do it at night and not in the mornings as it does make your skin over hydrated, but not with a greasy feel. I did it on Sunday morning and my makeup "melted." It is better at night anyway, because our cells renew at night.

Now that I do know better, sunblock is a priority and boiling in the sun a thing of the past and moisturizer and night cream a must.

Do you have any Anti-Aging products that you love and recommend?

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