Thursday, 2 October 2014

Like Gentle Kisses On Their Parched Petals

Spring is the time to get out into the garden and plant new seedlings and cut back the dead Winter to allow new growth. Tiny buds peeking through the grey/brown bark and leaves; blossoms everywhere. Everything so pretty and colourful - then over night the temperatures soar and we are going from Winter into Summer temperatures. No in between to gently ease us out of the cold into the warm.

That is Joburg in September and in typical Joburg style, where everything is done fast and furiously and in extremes - the weather is exactly the same. Fast and extreme. As the tiny buds and blossoms peep through the Winter haze, the sun beats down until they are dry and parched. The tiny petals wilted and dying, burnt and scorched in the Highveld midday heat..

The dry old leaves and dirt blown around in circles, everything covered in a light brown blanket of dust. Everyone wishing for the first summer rain. Gentle but drenching rain washing away Winter's dryness and hydrating the parched petals and blossoms.

Instead our first rain was a harsh pelting of hail and wind battering the blossoms and petals until they were washed away with the soil and sand. They say nature works in strange ways and as harsh and destructive as the hail is, it is filled with nitrogen which is good for plant growth. I love that "just washed look"  after a good rain fall.

Our first rains came with a vengeance, much needed, but a bit too harsh.

This post was written for the Writers Catalysts prompt for Monday (I am late again - story of my life, always catching up. Go Here to get more prompts or to find out more about Writers Catalysts. Writers Catalysts was started by Sula from Skimming Stones

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