Monday, 6 October 2014

Looking Back - September 2014

There are two things that I am very good at - sleeping and procrastinating, unfortunately they are not skills or attributes. Sleeping is good, the only problem is that I don't sleep very well at night, but I love sleeping during the day. I spend so much time sleeping on the weekends that I don't get to do the things I would like to do, but my theory is, if I did not need the sleep, I would not fall asleep and sleep is very beneficial. Procrastination is not good, but sometimes, not often, good comes out of my procrastination and I think - "thank goodness I didn't get to do that....."

It is not often that good comes out of procrastination and long afternoon naps, because I get behind on my blog posts among other things. I still have not blogged about our weekend away in May this year, I have still not sorted out our clothes to give to the poor, the list just goes on and on. I thought that at the end of each month I would do a round up post of the month and in that way I might not forget important parts of our journey through life, like the weekend away in May.

September is a really difficult month for me, because of Clinty's birthday. I tried to explain it in my post about Nesting, but what makes perfect sense in my head, does not make sense on paper or in a blog post. What made this month even more difficult is that I made the huge mistake of packing up Clint's room and Mark sold our Landrover. Although I was on board with selling the Landrover initially, I just cannot forgive Mark for selling it. It is something I cannot explain and Chad is the only one who knows and feels the way I feel. I have been tearful and emotional and cannot get out of the slump that I am in.

We had a bad hailstorm the night before Clint"s birthday, which smashed the garden and broke our alarm and the person who Mark got to fix the alarm broke it even more and put pacifiers in that were not pet friendly causing Garfield to set the alarm off nearly every night a few times when she wandered to the kitchen for a midnight snack. The lack of sleep from broken sleep, did not do my temper and patience much good. Then we got someone else in to fix what the first person broke - the story of our lives. The day after Heritage Day  our drains decided to block up - well it was a long time coming and I guess the hailstorm just finished it off and we had to get Roto Rooter in to come and unblock them. They were very quick and efficient, they came about an hour after we called them.There are not many things worse than a blocked toilet. The culprit was the tree that I hate, that we have still not chopped down. The roots block the drain and we have had to unblock the drain three times in 10 years. The tree is massive and I am sure the roots are massive too, so it is quite fascinating that the blades on the Roto Rooter can chop them up so quickly and unblock the drains. We have also had a few water cuts, which is worse than blocked drains, I would say. Fortunately, ours was only for a few hours, some areas have not had water for weeks. The reservoirs are not filling up fast enough for the demand so some areas have no water. It must be really awful. I have not watered our garden, out of respect and consideration for those that don't have water and all my seedlings that survived the hailstorm are parched.

The other day I was at the Spar buying Garfield some food when I walked past snack bars and thought it was odd that they had protein bars by the dog food. You guessed right, they are snack bars for dogs. I could not resist and bought four, but our dogs didn't really like them. Bobtail dog biscuits are their best snack.

Still on the subject of Spar - our local Spar Supermarkets are having a promotion, whereby you collect stickers for every R50.00 you spend, when you have collected enough stickers, you get a free knife or you can pay in if you do not have enough stickers. We finally filled our sticker booklet and chose our knife. If Mark was the only one doing the shopping we would have completed the booklet long ago. Spar is his store of choice - mine is Woolworths or Hypermarket.

Santoku Knife - Courtesy Of Spar Collect A Knife

We chose the large Santoku knife - yea, I had to Wikipedia it too. We haven't used it yet - I can't find it. No our house is not that big that we can't find a knife. I took photos of it for my blog and then forgot about it, until Chad or Mark asked what I did with it and then promptly forgot to look for it.

We are collecting for another knife and I think next time, I will get the small Santoku knife, I am sure it will be more useful than the bigger one, but we need to hurry up as Mark seems to believe that the "Collect a sticker"  promotion is ending soon. Maybe he just wants me to shop at Spar all the time. Do you collect stickers and how many knives have you already collected?

Work has been very stressful - when is it not. I was looking forward to working from home again, but that is no longer happening. We have found new premises and we are moving at the end of October, but we still have not decided whether to carry on with two branches or close both and just run one from the new premises. It is becoming more and more stressful running two branches and the new premises are about 7 km's away which translates to a possible hour travelling in morning peak hour traffic, which I am not looking forward to. For almost a year, I have had to travel 1km to work each morning, what a pleasure. Mark takes Chad to school so I haven't even had that traffic stress. To now drive 7km's and then deal with people is something I am not looking forward to. I also don't have a very good feeling about renting these premises, but can't put my finger on it and I know Mark will think that it is because I want to work from home.

On the blog front, in September I joined two blogging challenges. Writers Catalyst and Just Write Tuesdays. I don't think I will carry on with the Just Write challenge. I have only managed three posts for Writers Catalysts - two in September and one in October. I do plan on doing more though. It is a no rules challenge, which I prefer. With Just Write, you have to read/follow at least one blog in the link (fair enough), but I have not found any that I gel with. Just like in real life, I have to gel with an online person and it is not happening with the Just Write links, so I think I will give it a miss.

That was September done and dusted and I am not sorry to see the back of it. October has not started off that well either, in fact it seems to be going downhill faster than you can say October. Yesterday was 17 months smoke free, procrastination and sleep prevented me from doing my normal smoke free post. I will try and do it tomorrow. It is Mark's birthday on Wednesday and birthdays don't go down well in our house. We try and make it fun and pleasant, but grief always dictates our happiness whether we want to or not and living with Clint's death is just so very cruel and unfair.

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