Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mark's Birthday - A Belated Post

I can hardly believe that it was Mark's birthday a week ago. I say "hardly believe", because I can believe it - time flies like crazy these days. When you are young, time drags and as you get older it just flies by.

So Mark had his birthday and now it is downhill at a crazy speed to the end of 2014. As predicted in this post, Mark's birthday was not a spectacular event. It was just same old. For one, birthdays have become difficult since Clint's death and two Mark's childhood birthdays affected his outlook on birthdays long before Clint died and thirdly work and business just gets in the way of everything in life. I never bought him a present, because I was going to buy him a Gopro , until I discovered that there are just so many different ones and they all come at various prices with various accessories that some have and some don't. Mark also saw on one of the Facebook groups he follows that Garmin makes one and it is the "best" - I still am not sure where you buy the Garmin ones. I spent four days searching and researching, then he said they are so expensive and a waste of money for something he will only use once or twice. There are some cheaper ones, but is it worth paying less for something not as good. Half the price at double the trouble. In the end he never got a present, but I don't feel guilty about it, because he always gets stuff he wants throughout the year. Like the off road motorbikes he bought for himself and Chad a month or two ago - they already both have motorbikes that are not really used. My feelings about bikes have not changed and although Chad does ride, he understands that I don't like bikes and have no interest in talking about them or hearing about them. Mark half understands, but at the same time I have to acknowledge Chad's pleasure in riding. The Dashcam/Gopro was for when they go riding.

A couple of months ago, I saw this amazingly decadent Kit Kat Cake on The Annoyed Thyroid Blog. Needless to say, my mouth has been watering ever since and I needed an excuse to make it. Mark's birthday became the reason for baking a sugary chocolatey decadent delight. Mark is not a big cake eater, so I was in two minds to make it, but in the end I gave in and made it. I went home at 2.30, on Wednesday, his birthday and baked the cake using my go to chocolate cake recipe. It is quick and easy and then I went back to work and decorated it when I got home. Instead of using M&M's like The Annoyed Thyroid's cake, I used Astros, because I don't like M&M's and I love Astros. Instead of icing the cake with butter icing, I used caramel, because Chad and Mark don't like cake icing. Someone asked if it was expensive to decorate. I needed flour, so bought flour, Kit Kats and Astros; caramel; ribbon and candles and it cost R298.00 at Spar. So I suppose it was quite pricey to decorate, but cheaper than buying a cake. I never had a fancy ribbon, like this one, but you need a ribbon to keep the Kit Kats on, especially using caramel. The cake is really really rich, but the combination of Kit Kat and Cake is so awesome.

And that was Mark's birthday. We went out for dinner to The Grill Shop which is just up the road from us. A quiet birthday and another year older.

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