Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My First Rubybox Review

Finally, I have tried all the goodies in my Rubybox and placed an order and am now ready to form an opinion.

1. Pepper Tree Bubble Bath - Berry Blast
I am a huge Satiskin and Radox Bubble Bath fan and I get very attached to the products I use, so I won't go out and buy a new product that easily. I was hoping to dislike the Bubble Bath and to be honest I would not put Pepper Tree and Bubble Bath in the same sentence, BUT I have to say this Bubble Bath is fantastic. It is called Berry Blast, but does not have a fruity fragrance, it has a soft and sultry sensual fragrance. A tiny bit makes a full bath of bubbles and I loved everything about it. I have ordered another bottle at R29.95 for 200 mls. It won't last as long as the big bottles of Satiskin I normally buy, but I still think it is worth buying for a bit of pampering.

2. Mark Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil weekly Hydrating Mask 50 ml Sachet.
I managed to get two treatments out of the 50ml sachet and as you can see by the photo below, (kindly taken by Chad before the treatment) my hair is not only quite thick and long, it is also full of split ends and needs a good cut, but after two treatments of the Morocco Argan Oil it is feeling and looking a lot better. I have ordered the 50 ml Argan Oil Trearment for R144.95 - I will use that very sparingly. I wish the oil had come with the mask in the Rubybox - to try the two together. I also bought another sachet of the mask.

3. The Ralo Eyeliner Pencil
It is a lovely Eyeliner and it comes with a snazzy sharpener in the lid, which is so convenient, I am always losing my sharpeners and it is one of those annoying things that I always forget to buy. Pity about the colour as grey eyeliner is not for me. I wear black only and when I was younger I wore blue, but no other colour. I have tried it though.

4. Africology Tissue Oil
I am a huge fan of Justine Tissue Oil - The original and best Tissue Oil. I have not used it for sometime and I was looking forward to trying the Africology Tissue Oil. Where I was trying to dislike the Bubble Bath and loved it, I was trying to love the Tissue Oil, but really don't like it. I cannot say whether it has all the benefits of Justine Tissue Oil, because I have not used it for long enough, but the smell is really awful. It smells like 1950's men's hair oil, which I am convinced was what set off my post about tanning with men's brylcreem. The smell took me right back to the days of roasting my skin with a tub of brylcream and extra hot sun rays. Not a pleasant smell to go to bed with and not a pleasant smell to go out with - so when would you use it to get the benefits of the tissue oil. I won't be purchasing that.

So will I carry on subscribing to Rubybox Surprise box - yes I think so, because it gives me some pampering time that I need and hardly ever have - besides the basic everyday routine. I have found two products that I love and will carry on using - Pepper Tree Berry Blast Bubble Bath and Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil. I placed my order of these products yesterday (Sunday) but chose to have it delivered with my Rubybox Surprise, because then I don't pay a delivery fee.

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