Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Kenton Gelwrist Mousepad From Kalahari

I won't lie and say I was not feeling slightly apprehensive yesterday afternoon when I hadn't received the second part of my Kalahari order. My keyboard came on Saturday at midday  and although I found it strange that the order was split, I knew the Mousepads had a longer turn around time. After fetching Chad from gym yesterday afternoon, I thought I would log into my Kalahari account and check my order status.

I was a tiny bit perturbed, because both my orders were complete (one order, but separate items). I thought maybe Mark had signed for two parcels, but was only given one by mistake. I called the customer care line expecting the worst. I don't have high expectations of call centres - they are the bane of my life. Within seconds my call was answered and a friendly helpful lady explained that although the status on my account said the order was completed, it just meant the order was complete on their side, but still with the courier company. The mousepads were sent at a different time to the first package. I ordered one for home and one for work.

I put it out of my mind and when I arrived home from work at about 5.10pm as I walked in the house I saw my parcel. Chad told me it had arrived ten minutes before I got home. Imagine how embarrassed I would have been if it had been lying on our dining room table whilst I was on the phone following up on the order.

I know I am not a very patient person, but ordinarily I would not have queried it, because the estimated delivery date was the 22 October, but I was concerned that Mark had not checked what he was signing for. Now I have my mouse pad and ergonomic keyboard so my wrist should start feeling a lot better. Chad said I could have just gone to the shops and bought one - yes I could have, but that would have meant driving to a mall to find a computer accessory store in the hope of finding one I like. This was so much easier. Once again I am impressed with Kalahari.

Unfortunately, my desk and office is still very cramped, but the mousepad is such a relief for my poor wrist and the keyboard a huge relief for my sanity. Guessing letters is now a thing for my laptop. I need to really look into buying a new one.

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This post was not sponsored, it is my personal opinion of Kalahari and the Kenton Gelwrist Mousepad. I was not paid or given any products to write this post, however, if you click on any of the Kalahari links in this post and purchase an item from Kalahari, I will earn commission on the item.
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