Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Ruby Box Surprise

Sometime last year or maybe even the year before I saw an online advert for Rubybox. Although I was intrigued, I was busy searching for something else and did not click on the advert to find out more. When I became an Admarula Affiliate, I was {pleasantly} surprised to see that Rubybox was one of the advertising companies and this time I had time to have a good look at what Rubybox was all about.

Reading about Rubybox transported me back in time - to a long, long time ago. Well what is Rubybox you may be wondering and what has it got to do with my life years and years ago. In a nutshell, Rubybox is an online Beauty and Hair Product Store and an added service is the Gift Subscription. Each month you get a box of goodies, trial size products that you can try out instead of buying a product that you may not like or it just does not suit you or your lifestyle. You can read more about Rubybox and the different subscription offers over here.

When I was in my early twenties, very early twenties, I subscribed to a similar gift subscription service. I cannot tell you the name of it, it was too long ago, but I remember some of the products that I received. I do remember the excitement and intrigue each month when I received my box and could not wait to see what was inside. Reading about Rubybox transported me to a happier and much more carefree time of my life. It was before I had children, so it was not the best and happiest time of my life, but it was a time before I knew devastating grief. It was a lighter and fun time in my life. Isn't it strange how inanimate objects and even smells can trigger a memory long forgotten or take you to a place in time, long forgotten. I still have my eyebrow Tweezers from my Gift Box. It is a bit wonky, but I have never found another one that works as well as that one. Not that I use them that often, my eyebrows are over plucked, but that is a post for another time. I also received an Eyelash Curler in one of the boxes, but that disappeared sometime ago, along my earlier journey through life, along with lots of other memories.

All these rekindled memories of long forgotten things ended up in me joining a modern day gift subscription - Rubybox. No it won't make me younger or prettier or take me back to a time when life was not filled with sadness and grief, but it is good to spoil yourself now and again. Using trial products is a way to give yourself a day of pampering without breaking the bank and also give you a chance to try out products you get to love that you may not have normally come across and bought.

I signed up with Rubybox on the 2 October 2014 and received my order and payment confirmation and then waited for my box. What is nice about Rubybox is that when you sign up instead of asking your race, which offends many people, but is also very necessary, because if you are blonde and fair skinned you don't want products for ethnic hair and dark skin and vice versa. Also if you have curly red hair, you don't want products for straight blonde hair. They show pictures of models and you choose the one that has similar characteristics to what you have.

On the 6 October I received an email to say there was a delay with my order as they have changed their delivery process and it had caused a backlog. I sort of forgot about my order and usually remembered it at night and then forgot to follow up the next day, especially after receiving both my Kalahari products which I placed after the Rubybox order. Yesterday, being Friday, {my internet at home is so so so so slow and I am not sure if I will get this posted today - Saturday, Thanks MTN, I could actually write this post out and post it through the South African Postal Service, that has been on strike for months and it will probably get to you faster) I remembered my Rubybox and thought that it is taking along time to get to me and I logged into my account to follow up. I started typing a message to them when Mark walked in the office and said here you go and gave me something. I thought it was food again. He bought us food in the morning and he had just come back from fetching Chad from school.

It wasn't food it was my Rubybox. What a coincidence, it arrived as I was querying it and luckily, Mark brought it to work otherwise I would have felt like an idiot if I did phone and then they said it was delivered. Twice in one week saved from my impatient nature. I went home quickly, if you don't know this, I stay one kilometer (half a mile) from work, so that I could open my box. I took photos for my blog as we do, but will review the contents when I have used them all in another post. I will also do a post on what I meant when I said I struggled with this post on my night routine being superficial.

I have tried the bubble bath, which was one of the products. I am a huge fan of Satiskin bubble bath and mine is finished, so getting bubble bath in my box was a huge plus after a long stressful week at work and a long soak in bubbles was just what the proverbial doctor ordered.

To order your own Rubybox click over here. I did the monthly plan of R169.00 instead of the 6 month or 12 month plan. The 6 and 12 month plans work out more cost effective, but I was a bit nervous to sign up for something I had very little knowledge of  and pay out a large amount of money and it turned out to be something that would not appeal to me. So I would rather recommend the R169.00 monthly subscription to anyone interested in signing up for the gift subscription, because you can always change to the 6 month plan at a later stage.

Have you bought from Rubybox or do you subscribe to the Rubybox gift subscription?

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