Friday, 31 October 2014

Ramblings Of A Crazy Lady

Today my mind is a minefield of thoughts - repercussions of the crippling thoughts and memories I woke up with yesterday morning. Thoughts and memories that did not leave me for the entire day. I plodded through the day in a haze of hidden tears and lost hope.

Today I am tired and exhausted and in no mood for work. Mark asked me yesterday if I still send out our monthly newsletters, I said no, he asked why and to be honest I don't know why - I just stopped. Apparently they are missed by probably no more than the one and only person who read them.

 I told Chad that I felt that we needed to fly under the radar of social media and newsletters for while. He said "Oh so you decided to just stop working instead of pretending to work by doing newsletters" Chad and I banter back and forth about me not actually working and just sitting here at work pretending to work. My mood did lift a bit after fetching Chad from school and driving him up and down to gym and listening to his cheek and funny sarcastic remarks about my inability to do a days work.

I spent most of yesterday doing the newsletter, whilst a million and one other thoughts took priority in my mind and then wonderful MTN had no signal in the area and I lost most of what I had put together on Mail Chimp to resemble a newsletter. I was so mad. Apparently quite a few towers were down in the area. I had reached my Vodacom cap and had to buy more data to use the internet, but that was only after I discovered that there was no MTN signal. I finished the newsletter at around 11 am this morning and the checking and rechecking has made me sleepy. I went home and made myself a cappuccino, but with a double espresso from the coffee machine and my sticoccino (now you know why my son goes on about me not working). I came back to work to find that Mark had bought me a Chicken Preggo Roll - a foot long roll - from a butchery/deli on the way to our other branch. They are so good (now you know why I can't lose weight).

Other thoughts floating at the top of my brain is the irritating rabid feral cats that belong to our neighbours. Last night Garfield was sitting outside, right outside our dining room and next thing she let out a terrifying howl and came rushing in. Her hair and tail ten times her body size. The pesky cats from next door had come right to our door to fight with her. She is 16 years old and has never wandered off our property. She does not even wander too far from our actual house - she goes as far as Clint's garden. In her 16 years we have moved three times, she has never wandered. I have never owned a cat that wanders or annoys neighbours. It is a fallacy that cats cannot be kept in. It is a very South African thing to not look after cats and that is why people hate cats. Spike hates these cats and loves Garfield. They torment him and if he has to get hold of them one day when they come on our property, he will be the Dangerous Bull Terrier that attacked the cat. When Spike sees them at our gate he goes mad. Garfield is old and does not need to be frightened by cats who are not cared for and allowed to roam the streets. The cats are not to be blamed - their owners are to blame, although I do hate them and call them rabid pests. The old man next door goes away for months at a time and comes back to find four or five cats living in his house. He doesn't have any pets

Now for an inspiring story - Sula from Skimming Stones did a story on her blog about a young man who is trying to realize his dreams of becoming a fashion designer. He has a full time job and sells his handmade leather shoes and takes orders for the clothes he makes and designs. Read the full story over here and if possible share it with your readers/followers. Skimming Stones is also running a poetry competition. Submit original work and stand a chance to win. Read More about the competition over here . The competition is open to South African residents only. If you are not a poet, you may know someone who is. Perhaps you could also share this post to your readers and followers.

Well that is all for today - hope your Thursday is treating you well as you gear down to the weekend.

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