Thursday, 16 October 2014

So Its Ok If You Do It

On Tuesday morning there was a horrific crash on the N12 during peak hour traffic. I don't think there is anyone who has not heard about it or seen the pictures. The fact that there have been four deaths is quite astounding considering the carnage caused by one individual, in one truck, owned by one Company. For those readers, who don't live in South Africa, the picture below of the carnage, courtesy of EWN News will explain why everyone is astounded that only four people died, but the figure could and may go up. As usual, the person who caused this, came out of it unscathed.

Image Courtesy Of EWN News - Click Here For News Story

Image Courtesy Of EWN News - Click Here For News Story

The general consensus is that "Luckily only four people died". I am so tired of this luck we have in this country, that we are lucky that we get to and from our destinations without being killed. This luck that you wake up in the morning and think your life is as near to perfect as possible and it ends just like that - thanks to one person who believed they were above the law. One person who was too good to wait in a queue of cars at a traffic light that did not work. Yes that is my story - there are thousands more. There are now four more destroyed families and extended families and friends in South Africa. That is a lie, because that was not the only incident that caused a death on our roads on Tuesday. It was just reported on, because it was huge. People die on our roads all day and it is never reported - why - because it was an accident. No it was not an accident - it was deliberate.

Incidentally, brakes don't just fail. There are school transport companies out there who charge parents to ferry their children around at a huge cost, namely "safe school transport" that have no brakes and leaking wheel cylinders, but they "don't have money" to fix them, but have money to sit in the pub up the road drinking wine. They are no longer our clients, I guess, because they don't like my attitude towards them and their double standards and blasé attitude to road safety.

In the aftermath of this horrific incident, people where talking about it, how terrible, was the driver speeding, this from people who say speed does not kill. This from people who think it is OK to announce where all the roadblocks and speed traps are, warning people to avoid the area. Look around you when you drive and see who it is that is actually speeding through red lights and stop streets, driving in the emergency lane; drinking and driving, paying bribes - it is mothers and fathers - not gangsters and criminals. I will unfollow anyone on Social Media, who announce where roadblocks and speed traps. I do not associate with crime lords and kingpins of crime syndicates; I don't follow them on Social Media, so why would I follow the KingPin, behind all the deaths on our roads.

As for the corruption, there are as many corrupt officials as there are corrupt citizens and motorists. People think it is fine to buck the system if it saves time and inconvenience. One of the staff members from the car wash wants a job with us. He has his learners and Mark told him that he must go and book for his licence and find a driving school and go for lessons so he can learn to drive properly. We would pay for the lessons. He came back and said he found one and to get an earlier booking he must pay a "tip" of R4500.00. A "tip" EXCUSE ME!!!  That is a bribe. He obviously does not want a job that desperately; because no bribe will be paid and he has not gone to the licencing department to book like any honest law abiding citizen would. No it is not OK to pay someone to make life easier for you when you get your licence. It is not OK to pay for copies of the Learners Licence test. It is not OK for those tests to be out of the test station. It is the reason why a life is so cheap in South Africa, it is the reason why there is so much corruption in our Country.

Shows like Carte Blanche and Third Degree will chase after corrupt officials at Licencing Departments and catch out corrupt driving schools, but that does not stop them. Everyone talks about it, the story is told and we all move on, including the corrupt driving schools and carry on with their corrupt business.

So we will carry on speeding, we will carry on drinking and driving and we will carry on paying corrupt officials and the carnage and deaths will carry on too, so yes it is luck. People will justify their speeding and will justify their drinking and driving and say I have never had an accident, because yes that is luck and the injustices of life.

Image Source @ewnreporter

I just get so mad when people believe it is OK for them to speed, pay a bribe; pay a corrupt official; buy a roadworthy certificate; drink and drive; go through red lights; do U-Turns. You can't keep blaming the government if you don't change your way of driving and outlook to driving on the roads and corruption. If you don't like my opinion on road safety and corruption - move on, I won't change.

I go cold every time I think of the anguish the families of those involved in the carnage on the N12, felt when they could not get to their loved ones lying injured on that road, with vehicles backed up and crashed all over the roads that were closed. Why, because of one person; one truck and one Company. Oh and in true South African style, apparently a car was stolen from the crash site and things were stolen out of cars. I don't know if it is a rumour or true, as I have not seen news reports, I just read about it on twitter.

Be safe out there on the roads; because the roads are full of people who believe they are above the law, because it will Never Happen To Them - but it may happen to you.

Now that I have that off my chest, I feel a bit better, but still very sad for the victims of that collision and very sad that my life will never be the same.

Have a safe and awesome Thursday and weekend ahead.

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