Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Nightmare Resulting From Dreaming

I have been dreaming of going on a boat cruise for as long as I can remember - unfortunately I am part of a family that thinks boat cruises are for the crazy. I need to clarify that statement. They think Luxury Cruise Liners out in the deep ocean are for the crazy and small boat cruises on the dam or around Durban and Cape Town Harbour are for the sane. I disagree totally. I have to say Chad errs on the side of caution and was never crazy about boats like Clint was. Mark and Clint were always on some dam on a rubber duck or similar boat that we owned at some point in our lives. Clint's love of boats extended to a super fast speed boat on a very windy day in East London in the Ocean with waves as high as mountains that felt worse than the worst roller-coaster ride that you have ever been on, but going on a Ship - a luxury liner for a week, was not going to happen.

So I dream on.......... The other day/week/month, I received an email from MSC Cruises - a newsletter of their current specials and the dreaming started again. Not all day longing for a holiday that will never happen, but it is there in a compartment of my mind reserved for dreams that will never materialize.

This morning I woke up with a niggly feeling that our passports have expired. I forgot about it and then at work I told Mark that I was sure our passports had expired - he didn't think so, but I have a far better long term memory. I remember things in a little less normal way than most people, but it actually works. I remembered that after we came back from Mozambique, I told Mark that our passports would expire "next year" it was when we were packing away all of our holiday stuff. September 2014 seems like a lifetime away in January 2013 - in reality it is not.

It was bugging me at work, because I actually thought Chad's had expired. Chad and Mark went to Botswana and Namibia in 2010 and Chad's passport had expired so I had to rush and get him a temporary one so he could go with Mark. I wasn't sure if it was in 2009 or 2010 and children's passports have to be renewed every 5 years. Turns out Chad's expires next year, so he can get his adult one when he turns 18 and ours expired at the end of September 2014. Time really flies.

We then had to rush off to home affairs this morning, because our passports had expired. I can understand the urgency if we were actually planning a trip out the country any time soon. We are not even planning a trip up the road, never mind a holiday out of town or out the country. I decided to humour Mark and go along with the urgency. The whole way to Home Affairs he was saying that we don't have to reapply and get new photos, they just extend your passport and I was saying we do have to reapply - of course you do - this was not the first time he has had to re-new his passport. Well we get there, park and as we get out the car a lady says "Just a heads up - they are offline and have been since 8 am, thought I would just let you know so that you don't waste your time going any further" Mark still thinks we can at least get the forms, but no - an official looking person standing around talking to a few other official looking persons just inside the gate, says sorry we offline, you can't go in.

That ended our nightmare of standing in long queues for the whole day - imagine the backlog added to their already huge backlog. I say we wait until the middle of the month and then when no one has money we go and reapply. I have this belief that going to renew your car licence; apply for a passport an Identity Document; even collecting a debit or credit card, go in the middle of the month when no one has money. No money = no queues - now I let out my secret to avoiding long queues. No Mark says we have to go tomorrow, which reminds me I haven't phoned to find out if the offices of Home Affairs in Roodepoort opens tomorrow. Better do that now - yes they are open from 8 to 12.30 and the lady does not know if they are busy on a Saturday.

So dreaming, became a nightmare of standing in queues and an even bigger nightmare of having my photo taken. I hate my photo taken. What is even more horrifying and an even bigger nightmare is how I have aged in the last ten years. I did not even recognize myself, well hardly recognized myself and I thought I was overweight then - so what am I now. Aging is a nightmare that happens quicker than you think.

This post was written for the Writers Catalysts prompt Dreaming. You can find out more about the Writers Catalyst Prompts over here.

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