Sunday, 26 October 2014

Kit Kat Cake - My Version

There are quite a few versions of the Kit Kat cake online, but this is my one - the one I made for Mark's Birthday. The mixture of cake and Kit Kat is so divine and whoever came up with this idea originally deserves the best baker award. I will make it again one day, but  for a birthday or special occasion and not just for afternoon tea. It is really very rich and also quite pricey to decorate, but totally worth it for a special occasion. You can use any sponge or chocolate cake recipe for the cake. I baked the cake that I always bake, because it is so easy to make. It is not my recipe and you can find the original recipe with a lovely meringue filling over here  on  I don't do the meringue filling.

Chocolate Cake:

2 cups of cake flour
2 tablespoons of butter
1.5 cups sugar
4 eggs
4 teaspoons of baking powder
250 ml hot milk
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 ml Salt

1. Preheat oven to 180C
2. Grease the cake tins with a little butter and make sure you get it into every little nook and cranny. {Very important that the tins are very well greased}
3. Crack the eggs into a small mixing bowl and give them a good beat with your electric mixer.
4. Add in the sugar and beat the hell out of them until they are light and fluffy, set aside.
5. Take a large mixing bowl and sift the dry ingredients, flour, baking powder and cocoa, together into a large bowl and set aside. You are almost ready to finish off.
6. In a pot on a medium heat, add the butter and milk and heat until you see bubbles forming around the edges. Let it bubble away for about 30 seconds.
7. Add the egg to the dry ingredients and fold with a metal spoon until well combined. {I use my Kenwood Mixer and still works well}
8. Add the hot milk and butter to the mixture and mix well.
9. Pour the batter into the prepared cake tins and bake for approximately 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean.
10. Remove from the oven; allow to cool in the tins a few minutes then onto a rack to cool.

Kit Kat Cake

4 Family Size Slab Kit Kats 
1 Double Layer Cake Of Your Choice (Height Must Be Lower Than Kit Kat)
2 Boxes Of Astros (150g each)
1 Tin Nestle Caramel Treat 360g  (Butter Icing - Your Preference)
Ribbon - Colour and Size of your choice - Length = Enough to tie around cake (Wide Ribbon is better)

1. Allow Cake To Cool Completely
2. Place Cake On Plate With Wax Paper Or Baking Paper Under Cake
3. Break Kit Kat Into Two Finger Pieces, Place In A Container On A Piece Of Wax Paper And Place In Freezer For 10 Minutes. {This Prevents Chocolate From Melting And Making Finger Marks As You Place Kit Kat Around Cake}
4. Beat Caramel Until A Smooth Consistency And Spread Over Cake And In Between Layers, Covering The Whole Cake (Sides Included)
5. Place Kit Kat Around Side Of Cake, Two Fingers Slightly Touching. Ensuring That Kit Kat Is Higher Than Cake.
6. Wrap Ribbon Around Kit Kat And Cake. The Ribbons Keeps The Kit Kat Securely In Place.
7. Place Candles; Happy Birthday Decorations On Cake
8. Fill Top Of Cake With Astros.
9. Gently Pull The Baking/Wax Paper From Under The Cake
10. Slice And Enjoy

Some Pointers:
1. Butter Icing Would Be Better, Because The Kit Kat Will Stick Better - I Used Caramel, Because Mark And Chad Don't Like Icing And It Is Easier
2. Break The Kit Kat Into Two Finger Pieces Before Freezing And Don't Freeze For Longer Than Ten Minutes; I left In The Freezer For Too Long And Broke Them Into Pieces After Freezing And They Did Not Break Neatly. 
3. For The Average Size Layer Cake, You Only Need Three Family Size Kit Kats, But Buy 4 So You Have Extra In Case Of Broken Pieces
4. A 2cm Wide Ribbon Is Far More Effective - I Used Gift Ribbon, Because I Had No Time To Buy Proper Ribbon
5. Baking The Cake The Night Before Decorating May Even Be Better, It Is Not As Fresh And Will Be Easier To Decorate
6. Leave A Slight Knife Width Between The Kit Kats To Make Slicing Easier.

It is really easy!!

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