Thursday, 27 November 2014

16 Days Of Activism For No Violence Against Women And Children

Yesterday was the start of 16 Days Of Activism. Ideally it should be 365 days, but these 16 days are the official days to raise awareness. Imagine if no child was raped or abused for 16 days, it would seem an insignificant number to us, but for the child if would seem like a life time. Now imagine that being a lifetime for the child, because someone felt so uncomfortable hearing about the 16 Days Of Activism that he/she stopped abusing that child for good or it made someone step out of that denial and report the abuse.

Image Source - The Presidency Website

Yesterday there was a huge roadblock just down the road from us, in a quiet suburban road. The reason for the roadblock was in conjunction with the launch of 16 Days of Activism. The police were just there to greet the motorists and handout pamphlets. I never went through the roadblock, but Chad and Mark did. It is also a chance for open dialogue with our children to discuss child abuse and gender violence - without these 16 days the uncomfortable topic might never be brought up.

Image Source - Gender Links For Equality & Justice

The days also cover other significant dates like International Women's Rights Defenders Day on the 29 November 2014 and Worlds Aids Day on the 1 December 2014. The 25th of November is also the start of all the office parties and end year functions - how many abuse cases are the result of alcohol abuse. So that in it's self, in my opinion is the right time to launch the 16 days.

No, your white ribbon won't eradicate child abuse or gender violence and talking about it won't make a difference to the child being raped and abused, but in ignoring it and pushing it under the proverbial carpet will just make it worse.

For more on the South African 16 Days Of Activism visit the Presidency Website or Media Club South Africa. Get a logo for your blog from here as well as get more information. Download a poster for your office noticeboard over here or follow the Official 16 Days of Activism Twitter Account @16DaysCampaign - the official hashtag is #16days or Like them on Facebook - The Official 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Violence.

Let's have a Gender Violence and Child Rape and Abuse Free Society

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