Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Craft Beer - My Limited Knowledge And A Discount Voucher Code

I have just discovered that I have no idea what Craft Beer is - well that was up until this morning. When I did this post on my eighteen month smoke free journey yesterday, I had no idea what Craft Beer really was. So as not to be totally ignorant about a much talked about product, I did some online research. I found the best explanation over here - titled the "Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Drink Craft Beer" 

Craft Beer is a beer that is made in a small craft brewery - it is more beneficial to your health than red wine and it is not as watered down as traditional (mass produced) beers. Well I learned quite a bit about Craft Beer from this article.

Whether you are a Craft Beer Drinker or Wine Drinker, CyberCellar has a Discount Voucher for you. (Ends 15 December 2014)

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Happy Safe and Responsible drinking

Thank you for reading Chad Life Us - Images in this post are Courtesy of CyberCellar. Please note this promotion ends on the 15 December 2014

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