Sunday, 9 November 2014

Eighteen Months - Eat Drink Smoke

You would be excused if you thought after my 17 month smoke-free post that I was against anyone who drank alcohol. I came across very judgmental of judgmental people - My 16 month post even WORSE!!!. Hypocritical and judgmental, whilst calling out on those very same traits in other people. You would even, from that post think I don't touch alcohol. This post here will be proof that I am not a teetotaler. I even let Chad drink cheap shooters. I am so happy Chad hates the taste of alcohol - hope it stays that way. He cut his proverbial teeth on the worst alcohol imaginable - cheap shooters. I just get very irritated when people harp on about how disgusting smoking is when they drink or when health fanatics go on about unhealthy people when they are busy drinking. It is annoying to say the least.

We hardly drink these days, but have lots of alcohol in our house. The Wild Africa cream is just an empty bottle though - that won't last very long with me. I love that stuff. We have never been everyday drinkers. Camping holidays was my drinking time. In a resort relaxed and having a drink or many - it was my time to relax and drink. I used to love Amarula - that was my drink and I would chug it down - the mother's milk of alcohol. One day I picked up a tummy bug and the day before I had drunk Amarula and thought it was strange that after only one glass  had a bad hangover - wasn't a hangover, but put me off Amarula for life. Now I stick to the chocolates.

I drink even less now, because smoking and drinking go hand in hand. I have had the odd drink, but if I had to drink on a bad craving day I would surely start smoking again. About two weeks ago, I was sitting in front of my laptop, staring into space and could imagine taking these long deep draws on a cigarette. I could taste it, smell it, feel it. I just wanted to go out and buy a packet and have a Whiskey. J&B is my drink of choice. It is so refreshing and relaxing. We have bottles of it at home, but I only drink it with Lemonade or Sprite (strange, but very refreshing) and we had neither at home. It was a good thing otherwise I would not have made my 18 month smoke free anniversary.

Everyone is going on about this thing called "Craft Beer" I used to love good old Castle Lager Beer in my young days, but have not had a beer in like two decades and have been wondering if craft beer is like normal beer. Are you a Craft Beer drinker?? Is it like normal beer or totally different?? Or is it even beer?? Let me know in the comments section below.

Whether we drink beer or not I was very interested (and happy) to see that Cyber Cellar are having a Christmas Special Discount Offer. R75.00 to R100.00 off a minimum R500.00 purchase. Valid until the 15 December 2014. That is quite a saving and delivered to your door (South Africa Only). I hate going to bottle stores - don't ask me why. So although we don't drink wine ourselves, we do buy gifts for certain select Clients and those gifts are usually bottles of wine or whiskey.  The wine buying is what throws me - my knowledge of wine is limited to box wine in the '80's - very scary. Cyber Cellar has just made this task that I don't really enjoy so much easier and may now become enjoyable. I will be taking up Cyber Cellar's Christmas Discount Offer when buying gifts this year and better still, I won't have to do the walk of shame out the bottle store with my arms laden with wine bottles, which I won't even be drinking. Read this post for more on the discount vouchers

Alcohol is only for sale to people 18 years and older. Remember to drink responsibly; DO NOT ever drink and drive.

And..... That was my 18 month "Quitting Smoking" post - almost forgotten, but not quite. The cravings prevented me from forgetting that Tuesday was my one and a half year anniversary. I can't wait for the two year mark, because they say that is when the cravings stop.

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