Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Foundation - The Story Of My Life

I should say the bane of my life. No, I don't mean the foundation my life is built on - I mean the stuff I cover my face in. It suddenly dawned on me the other day, why I stopped using Revlon Age Defying Foundation after so many years of loving the stuff. I changed over to Essence Foundation, because it was really reasonable at under R50.00 a tube. Revlon was between R250.00 and R299.00 a massive difference. I then became annoyed with the ever increasing cost of Essence Products each time I went to buy something. I then bought Rimmel, because someone on Instagram gave it high praise and I thought why not try something new.

I quite liked the Rimmel and I was very pleased when I noticed it lasted more than two months. Usually my Foundation only lasts a month. Admittedly most of it goes down the pug hole, because I dispense too much and waste - my hands normally have more Foundation than my face. It always amazes me how women drive and put makeup on. Besides the fact that my blood boils, because putting on makeup whilst driving is FAR worse than even talking on your phone or drinking and driving. Permanently looking in the mirror and not on the road!!! Let me not digress, but imagine all the foundation on their steering wheels and all over everywhere.

The reason why I used wasted less is because Rimmel is quite thick and the pump dispenser clogs up and you battle to get anything out. I don't know if I just happened to get a reject, but mine is quite thick. Then to my utter frustration the pipe thingy for the pump dispenser detached from the top and that is when the penny dropped and I remembered that I had enough of battling with Revlon bottles - I was changing over to Foundation in a tube.

For love or money I cannot get the last quarter of the Foundation out the bottle. It took a week for me to get the tube out after shaking and almost smashing the bottle and leaving it upside down permanently. I attached the tube and it lasted 5 minutes and detached itself again. In the process of shaking and cursing I managed to get foundation out for a week. Today no more. It will not budge from the bottom and there is still a fair amount in the bottle - really there is.

It is not just the edges speared with makeup, there is a good few days worth of makeup now getting binned. It is such a waste and it is one thing me wasting, because I dispense too much, but quite another if I am forced to throw something out. I am now on a mission to find a new brand of Foundation that does not come with a pump action top and is not too thick to dispense.

Today I just wore Garnier BB Cream, I was going to go makeup shopping, but had to finish my tax recon, which I managed to finish before two (benefits of working uninterrupted from home)  - hence the random blog post earlier, but by then I wasn't in the mood for shopping.

Any recommendations of a good, but inexpensive Foundation that does not come in a pump dispenser bottle will be appreciated.

Am I just being miserly - should I just throw it away and not see it as a waste.

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