Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Gluten Free Bread

It is no secret that I absolutely love bread, but I have taken a bit of a break from eating it, because it really makes my GERD worse. I have found the "healthier" the bread the worse my acid reflux is and I have tried to eat very little bread, but I love bread as much as chocolate -also VERY bad for GERD and acid reflux. I do eat it, but less than before and I have not gone out of my way to buy health bread. I know that I am Gluten intolerant and after attempting the Virgin Diet and cutting out the 7 foods for 3 weeks, my reflux was a lot less severe. I think everyone becomes Gluten and Dairy Intolerant eventually, if like me, they eat far too much gluten and dairy products.

I now avoid the bread section, especially of Woolworths, even though I am not following any diet and did not succeed with the full Virgin Diet. Today when I went to Woolworths, whilst rushing past the bread section, I saw a a Gluten Free Bread display, I walked past and something niggled at me and I went back to inspect - should I or shouldn't I try it? The bread had the Woolworths promise that their Gluten free products are Gluten Free. I picked up the white loaf, but it felt rock hard, so put it back. I picked up the brown loaf and it also felt very hard, but my curiosity had peaked and I thought healthy brown bread is better than healthy white bread.

If I had seen the price, I would not have bought it. I am known to waste money on gimmicks, but really R36.95 for a 450g loaf of bread was really excessive. Do you know why gluten foods are bad for you - well of course, because they taste good. Anything that tastes good is bad and unhealthy. The Gluten free bread was not horrible, but it certainly is not yummy and delicious. I had it with Flora Pro-Active margarine and the first bite was really not nice. It actually wasn't hard at all, it just felt very heavy and dense, but once it was sliced the inside was soft and moist. I did not like the taste, so I put some sliced chicken on, also from Woolworths and it was quite tasty - I should have put mayonnaise on, but that would have defeated the whole "healthy" sandwich I was creating - not that I am eating healthy foods at the moment, especially considering that I made fudge and crunchies on the weekend.

If I had a Gluten allergy or a severe Gluten intolerance and could not eat any bread or bread products, I would eat this Gluten free bread once in awhile, but as I am now able to tolerate bread in small amounts, I think I will give it a miss. It is really not worth R36.95, I would rather eat rice cakes to curb my bread cravings

Are you gluten intolerant or are you a bread addict? Or are you both a bread addict and gluten intolerant like I am?

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