Friday, 7 November 2014

Good Morning From Our House To Yours..............

All is well and back to normal in animal land and although this photo was taken months ago, all our dogs are happy and content. Pluto is a bit put out, because he can't understand why I keep sneaking Jingles into the kitchen and feeding her packets and packets of Pedigree Gravy Sachets. She will not have her tablets and licks and licks around them and even pushes them right out of her bowl. She is very clever, because I even crush them and she gets the pieces out or she is even more clever and knows that she will get more and more gravy until all the pieces have gone. However, I do think she associates the taste and smell of the pills with the pain. She had her last dose last night - another week and her stitches come out.

I keep getting error messages from Google Talk that it can no longer be accessed, because it has migrated to Hangouts in Chrome. Google talk does still work so I am not to sure what it means. I do know that I am so over Google Chrome, especially on my Desktop that has Windows 8. I cannot open a second page - for instance the proof of payment in Internet Banking or the comment section in blogger blogs. I am ready to uninstall Chrome. I fixed some incompatibility issues after one of the automatic updates, it worked for a week, now the problem is back again. Do I really want to carry on with Chrome and Hangouts. What is with all these changes. I like Google Talk - why must I change!!! Frustrations Frustrations.

I have also realised that besides my procrastinating issues that will be with me for life, I don't blog as much as I would like to, because of my internet problems. I get behind with Instagram and sit staring at blank feeds on Instagram - Pinterst just does not open - I spend more time "hanging" than anything else. I have been fighting with Afrihost for a week now and gave up fighting with MTN long ago - there is no 3g or 2g signal at our house. Work is 1km away and there is signal, but for the past week there hasn't been anything at work either. I have had to use Vodacom.

Afrihost is excellent as a hosting company, but sadly their connectivity is through MTN, who give the worst service ever. I am thinking of going back to basics and signing up with Telkom, but we had Mweb ADSL through a Telkom Line and that was a nightmare - Neotel being the worst. MTN was good, but seems Towers go down faster than they care to fix them. I am not sure what to do. Chad found a Telkom LTE package and wants us to get that, but if coverage is an issue in the area, we stuck with another two year contract that is more trouble and frustration than it is worth. It is not even that our area is a new area. It is pretty old and has been established since before the 1980's - so why is the coverage at almost zero at our house and two blocks away it is much better and we are in the middle of two towers within a 1km radius each side. Technology - you can't live with it and you can't live without it. Maybe I should be like Jingles and do something more drastic to get their attention.

If You Won't Listen & Get Out My Bed - I Will Just Sit On You

I get so jealous of my animals in the mornings when I go to work. If they not all snuggled in their beds, they are stretched out on the couches or spread out in the sun. Mark always used to say to Chad "Work Work Work To Pay The Rent" when he asked Mark where he was going. Now we need to say it to our dogs "Work Work Work To Keep You Lot Fed"

A Ray Of Sunshine In Our Lives

The past two mornings have been so awesome, because Chad hasn't been to school. which means I can sleep half an hour later. Mark doesn't have to take Chad to school so he can get to work first and I can come a bit later. I drive myself insane though - instead of waking up at 4.45, I wake up at 5.15 and get up at 5.30, BUT go to bed at 11 or 11.30 pm instead of 10 or earlier. So I gain 30 minutes extra sleep in the mornings and then lose more than an hour at night. Sometimes I wonder how my brain works.

The other bad thing about study leave is that I have to keep asking Chad which part of the memo he misunderstood "It is study leave Chad - Not Holidays!!!!" I started saying it is less than 24 days and then exams are over and you can relax - we are now on "its only 18 days Chad." Before we wipe the S#%t out of our eyes, we will be driving to the school to fetch his report - stressed and worried that he has failed.

Have your children started exams? Will you be spending the weekend nagging and reminding them to study or do they just buckle down and study? Are you busy studying yourself? My weekend will be spent nagging Chad, but I first have to remind myself and nag myself to nag Chad - now you know why Chad is like he is :)

Have an awesome weekend!!

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