Monday, 1 December 2014

It's Been A Year...............

I am definitely not starstruck in anyway. Kicking a ball through goal posts, even for your country, or playing a really good part in a movie, does not make you a hero in my eyes. However, saying that I do still have a string of actors/actresses who I think are amazing. Actors that are hot and sexy; good looking; brilliant and the list goes on. Girl crushes on actresses that are talented or beautiful and whatever positive adjective you would like to add, but then I move on. I don't hero worship them and don't turn them into idols - except for one - Paul Walker.

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He died a year ago and seems just like yesterday. I have always felt a "connection" to him even before he died. I sobbed and cried in Fast & The Furious Six when I thought he died. When he really died, I felt as if it was someone who I knew very well and who I was close to that had died. Since Clint died, every time I watched the Fast and The Furious movies, I felt like I had a spiritual connection to Paul Walker. I felt like Clint was watching the movies with me, like I was watching them through Clint's eyes.

Paul Walker not only an actor, but a father and a son and a brother and also a humanitarian, who founded ROWW. The many sides to one person who also died far too young. Thinking of his friends and family and especially is daughter on this one year anniversary.

Also thinking of my Dear Friend Jen; whose son should have turned 25 today. You may be many miles away, but you are in my thoughts and heart.

And Clinty always in my heart and my mind and my everything.......

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