Saturday, 22 November 2014

Let's Share Recipes And Cook

I have had a heavy week, heavy with sadness and grief and memories and my blog posts are testament to the fact. Fortunately, I have Chad to keep me from sinking into a pit of darkness and despair so I am going to end the week off on a lighter note and what better way to do it with, than with food.

Chad is my harshest critic when it comes to food, Mark usually keeps his opinions to himself if the food is bad, otherwise he knows he won't get food for awhile - I take it very personally and the cooking doors close and I go on strike and of course that includes him being too full to eat. That just confirms in the worst way possible that my food sucks and rather than come out and say so, he says he is full to try and fool me. Chad has only recently evolved from eating pasta and by pasta, I mean the actual pasta and not the bolognese or whatever goes with it. The only vegetable he loves is butternut from Woolworths. I mentioned before about Chad's theory that Woolworths manufacture their fruit and vegetables in a special laboratory. I seriously don't sit down to eat and say I bought this butternut at Woolworths or Spar or Fruit And Veg and Chad does not stand and look over my shoulder when I cook. I make the butternut exactly the same way every time. Steam it in the steamer until soft, put half a tablespoon Flora margarine and a dash of pepper. The response is this yellow stuff is the shit (Woolworths) or this yellow stuff is shit (Anywhere else). I do call him out on his language, but it is modern day teenage slang. 'Is the shit' means it is so good and 'is shit' means it is disgusting. Who would have thought preposition rules could change the meaning of slang and swearwords. I have recently discovered that "The Shizz" {not sure about spelling} tops it all.

Chad and I both love potato {potato is not a vegetable} it can be baked with or without the skin; boiled. steamed; roasted; chipped, mashed - we love it. Mark does not like potato, not even chips (not only mine). He eats my potato salad, which just has mayo and egg. We do eat far too much potato, because it is pretty easy and not much thought needs to go into cooking it. I was even getting sick of potato and one day I saw a recipe for potatoes on a blog I read {link coming]. I made them and they were a hit. I only gave Mark a small amount - because of "I don't eat potatoes". I made them again a couple of weeks later and again they were a hit. I don't have much imagination when cooking and I tend to find something really nice and then cook it until we are so sick of it. In between we had chips and mash, then a couple of times roast potatoes in the oven with the roast - I had complaints that the potatoes we bought were not good - take note not my cooking. I went back to the other potatoes and raving compliments again. No complaints from Mr "I don't eat potatoes " Only compliments. This week we had them twice - no complaints. Chad came from the kitchen and said "Mom those potatoes .......... why did you cook.........." I waited for the barrage of complaints spewed from a moody teenage boy. Yes teenage boys also get hormonal and moody - sometimes I have to, not so gently, remind Chad that he is being worse than a 13 year old premenstrual girl and there can only be one premenstrual hormonal menopausal person in this house. I just rolled my eyes and then saw the grin on his face "......Why do you cook so little of them - they are the SHIZZ"

Click Here For Recipe

You just have to try out Sula's crispy fried potatoes. I use Ina Paarman potato spice and dried Rosemary and lots of it. They are the best and if I did a recipe of the year thing, this would be my recipe of the year. This week my food was "On Point" according to my resident food critic. Monday night was pasta and mince; Tuesday was potatoes and T Bone Steak and Salad and Wednesday was Curry and Roti. Last night I lost points with Beef Stroganoff.

I cannot detest frying meat and avoid it at all costs, but we getting to the dregs of the freezer and there was not much choice - boerewors; lamb chops; stewing beef; T-Bones and Beef Strips. I Googled recipes for cooking T-Bone Steak in the oven and found this tutorial on You Tube

I have never tasted, let alone cooked a T-Bone or any steak as succulent and juicy as what I did following this tutorial. Two things I did differently, was cook it in the oven for ten minutes not eight, because I cannot eat raw meat - pink = raw. The two minutes extra made that slight difference from pink to brown. I also did not slice it and garnish with watercress. My potatoes were almost done and I did not want them to spoil whilst I was attempting to fancy cut the meat for the first time. I learned how to make succulent T-Bones for the first time in my life!!! I don't think Mark believes that I cooked the meat. I also used garlic butter in the pan, because we had garlic butter. If you are like me and cannot cook T-Bones, give this a try - you won't be sorry. I don't like T-Bones and neither does Chad - but they were "On Point" as Chad says and food was the SHIZZ.

Get Recipe Here

I don't dislike cooking as such, I dislike thinking about what to cook and then wondering if we have the ingredients or getting this grand idea in your head and then realise you are short of just one little but significant item. No I haven't found that app yet, that was going to make my life easier. I think I have found something better than an app, but I am still procrastinating on that. Well, Wednesday's limited choice of meat was stewing meat. I love stew, Chad not so much and Mark also quite likes it, but I did not feel like stew. We have had these crazy rain storms, which caused a chill in the air and I was thinking curry and cold days. Why not make curry, which I duly made in the slow cooker. The smell of curry all day, made me think of the Rotis and curry I was craving the other week, which Mark went and bought from our go to Indian food place and the food seriously was not good.  Then I remembered the Rotis on Sammy from the Annoyed Thyroid Blog and Sammy saying they were easy to make. I had a look at the recipe and it had four ingredients, so that counted for something in the easy department. I halved the recipe, because I only had about 300g of flour and I wasn't going to the shops it was almost 5.30 pm. So I halve the flour, forget to halve the water and only realise after adding the water to the flour that I have double the amount of water. I was going to dump it all in the trash, but instead scooped out about 120g of water, with a bit of flour and then added a teaspoon or two more of flour and thought what the heck and mixed it all in my Kenwood. They came out pretty tasty - a bit hard and crunchy like unleavened bread, but very tasty and so good with the curry. I made rice, in case the Roti did not turn out edible, so we had both. The curry I made was just my normal curry with Raja mild and spicy curry powder - no special curry powders.

I have been working from home for the past week - that is why I could blog everyday. No spending my day looking for pens and invoices for Mark and not having to deal with stupidity. I could put some effort into cooking and {blogging}. Maybe this can be a permanent thing, if Mark wants good food then I need to go back to working from home, because he knows I don't do customer relations very well - in fact I don't do it at all.

So thanks to Sula; Sammy and Mina Neuman eHow Chef for giving me the inspiration to cook food this week that was The Shizz!!!

Do you have any easy recipes to share - put a link in the comments section and share the food love.....

Have an awesome Friday and an even better weekend

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