Thursday, 6 November 2014

Looking Back October 2014

Wow, October really went by in a flash, yet I can only remember as far back as Mark's birthday and the yummy Kit Kat Cake I made. I saw the idea on another blog I have only recently discovered called The Annoyed Thyroid. You can find her blog and more amazing recipes over here. The recipes are mostly for use in a Thermomix, but there are "non thermomix" adaptions. Excuse the ignorance, but can you buy the Thermomix in South Africa? I had not heard of it until I started reading Fat Mum Slim and The Annoyed Thyroid. Do you own a Thermomix; have you heard of it or what would the South African equivalent be? I would love to know - let me know your thoughts in the comment section at the end of this post or by commenting on Facebook under the post.

Oh yes and of course Chad was on a very short school holiday in October. School closed on the 1 October 2014, They went to Gold Reef City Theme Park for their annual school year-end fun day on Thursday 2 October. A day of stress for me, but fun for Chad. It is not an issue of I need to let go - Chad is growing up. It is an issue of our high death rate on the roads and bus companies that have un-roadworthy buses and Gold Reef City is not just up the road. The N12 carnage is a perfect example of why it is not a matter of needing to let go.

The good news is that Chad passed third term, the really crazy news is that by this time next month he will have been on December school holidays for a week already. Tomorrow (depending on when I post this) Today was Chad's last official school day. (OK the last day of school was Wednesday 5 November). Thursday and Friday is study leave and exams start on Monday and finish on the 24th of November. Is that just not crazy mind boggling stuff considering that the fourth term started on the 13th of October, less than a month ago. {Thanks to MTN & Afrihost, which is just MTN with a different name and another source of income) we had no coverage at home last night & intermittent on Wednesday night so I could not post this and I don't have time at work}

Chad did his Hospitality Practical last week on Wednesday. This year they all begged/pleaded not to do it with the parents present and the teacher agreed. Different teacher this year. Last year was very stressful for the students and you can read about Chad's last minute preparations over here and the actual night of the exam here. We received a text message from the teacher saying that the students really excelled and all the teachers were raving about how excellent it was. Well done Chad. On Tuesday night when I went to bed, I reminded Chad to get his clothes ready for his practical and I was already in bed, when he tried his shirt on and came into the room and said look how tight my shirt is across my shoulders. I just took a very deep breath, because I thought I would be running around like last year buying shirts, but he assured me it did fit. Just much tighter across his shoulders from gym. Only Chad and one other boy waiter dressed in their smart waiter clothes.The others didn't, but they lost 15 marks straight away, because they were supposed to dress in smart white shirts, black pants and smart black shoes even though they did not cook for the parents.

We had a very bad sandstorm on the 16 October 2014. It started off in Bloemfontein, which was really bad and made its way to our area at around 18h00. It was really weird and such an eerie atmosphere. It reminded me of a movie I half watched years ago, or TV series where Zombies came down to the town and it was scary and eerie. I tried to record it with my camera, BUT I don't know how to work my camera. I have had it since my birthday in January this year and have still not read the manual or figured it out myself, which is so unlike me. So no video and it was something that can never be explained - you had to be part of the sandstorm to know what it was like. The photos just don't do the madness any justice.

Evening Of The Sandstorm

On photography - I have wanted to do a photography course since forever and looked into doing an online course through the the Photography Institute. I signed up for the Free Prospectus months ago, maybe even last year, which means I get emails from them all the time. In September, they were having a 50% off special - for the month of September Only and 50% off the price was a huge amount. So I signed up and paid for the course around the time that I did the Joomla Course through Peritus Consulting, which would be around the 7th of September. I have not even attempted to start the course. When we had the sandstorm I reprimanded myself for not even going through the manual for my camera and I was going to go through it that weekend and then start my Online photography course. Well two months have past and I have not started. Incidentally, I have not even attempted to redesign our website since doing the Joomla Course - my excuse I need to take really good photos first, my reality - I am the Queen of Procrastination 

We have not moved business premises yet. Our landlord asked if we would stay longer and our new landlord is still moving out of the building we are moving into. It was a good thing that we did not move at the end of September, as we had so many hassles porting our second Telkom number to Vodacom One Net Express. It is very new system and has lots of teething problems, but the only system that can port a Telkom landline to a mobile system, which you can take anywhere. Telkom cannot let you move your landline to another area, but Vodacom can - mind boggling but true. That is all sorted now and we won't lose our number when we move to another area.

We received our second knife in the Spar Collect A Sticker Loyalty program. I chose a small Santoku knife this time. I now have the large and small one. We had more stickers than we needed, so a few were wasted, but you win some and you lose some. It is a really nice loyalty program and I only realised it after I received our first knife - I lost so many stickers before that.

I never did my weekly Makeup Monday post on Monday. I was still too emotionally drained after the ordeal with Jingles over the weekend, which ended off October in a bad way. I was enjoying my long nails in September, they finally started to grow after the damage from the Gelish in September last year and the Acrylic in December last year and then they started breaking mid October, so I cut them all off. They are still a bit damaged from the Acrylic. I did a full nail course about ten years ago - Acrylic; Gel; Fibre and Silk - no gelish then and I know just how bad they all are for your nails, which is why I don't usually have my nails done at a Salon.

The other day when doing the FMSPhotoaday, the prompts for October was the alphabet and I needed to photograph something starting with a "T". You can photograph anything and some people put so much effort into it. My creativity levels are very low and I don't put much effort in, but I thought I would photograph Chad's Teletubbies. That was a real blast from the past and I don't know what made me think of them. They are packed away somewhere so I dumped that idea and saw Clint's one Teddy Bear that was a gift when he was born and photographed it. It was on the 20th of October, which meant that the next day the Teddy, would have been 25 years and one month old, which really broke me. The Teddy was all dirty in the photo on Instagram. It wasn't packed away, because in Grade 10, Clint had to do the "look after a baby" project at school and we dug out the Teddy and that was his baby. He had no interest in the project. Teddy was dumped in his school bag and thrown on the bed when he got home. I think he failed that project miserably. The topic has also been scrapped from the curriculum. I don't think it was an effective project and I am sure it made some girls more broody than put them off having babies. A doll, even a computerised one is not like a real baby at all. It does not get sick or hurt and really, if it is neglected it does not have the consequences that a real baby has. Back to Teddy, I washed him and he is looking really good for 25 years old. The photo doesn't show the colour, but he is blue. I need to do that photography course asap.

That was October 2014 - very boring and other than a quick dinner out for Mark's birthday, I have not been anywhere this month.

Lets see if I can get this posted before midnight Wednesday 5 November 2014. Aah.... Guy Fawkes. Very quiet in our neighbourhood. Two loud bangs and it was over. Thank goodness, people have realised Guy Fawkes is no longer relevant to us - not that it ever was. Other than a waste of money.

Good Night, Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful November

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