Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday Mumblings

I was going to post this yesterday, but I was so lazy. We have had so much rain this month and yes I know we need rain, but really can we not just have rain every night from midnight to 4 am. How wonderful if we can just plan our lives exactly the way we want them. Chad's plans for the weekend were spoilt by the rain. He had plans to go riding on Sunday as he usually does, but it bucketed down in the morning and then the sun shone brightly in the late afternoon when it was too late to go riding. He spent the whole day helping watching K fix his bike on Saturday as they had these big plans for yesterday. K had just bought the bike, but it had an oil leak, only discovered after it was bought. They were at the workshop until late on Saturday night all for nothing. I can't say that I was sorry, because I stress badly when Chad goes riding.

Chad has one more exam and then it is school holidays until January 2015 - so lucky!!!! He thinks holidays have started already, because today he never wrote anything so had the day off and instead of studying he has gone to work with Mark. We have to wait until school closes officially before we get his report and know if he passed. It is going to be a very stressful two weeks. As I sit and type this I can hear the rumbling of thunder as the clouds blacken the sky. Last week on Monday it hailed again and it would not surprise me if it hails again today. Some hail to watch in the video, in case you are bored and have never seen hail :)


My animals are loving having me at home. For most part of the day, I sit in Clint's room and work, because my office has become a storeroom. I am surrounded by animals in a tiny room, but they are all content and happy and I don't mind.

They are not really allowed on Clint's bed, but sometimes I don't have the heart to chase them off or if I am sitting on the bed they nag to get on to the bed. We have covers over the pillows because Garfield and Jingles lie on the pillows and black linen and cat and dog hair don't go down well. I have now put an old sheet over the bed too. These photos were taken last week on Monday, but it is a very similar setting today.

Yesterday I needed a photo of "something I made" for FMS Photo A Day, so I baked some dog biscuits for the dogs and Peach Cobbler for us. Both very easy things to make and after the grey rainy morning I felt like a warm dessert. Mark made stew for lunch. I always seem to make Peach Cobbler when I bake for the dogs, probably because they are both quick and easy and I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen making a quick treat.

Whilst sitting in the semi-dark on Sunday night, bitching and moaning about load shedding For non South Africans reading this - load shedding is when there is not enough power to meet the demand so the power is switched off for a few hours at different times across the country. If you are really that interested you can read all about it over here. I came across this tweet asking for people to sign a petition to stop the force removal of all Pitt Bulls and Rottweilers in Moreauville LA. The dogs will be confiscated and "disposed" of. I know of people who have had both Rottweilers and Pit Bulls all their lives with small children and babies and cats and other animals and their dogs are harmless. If you are an animal lover living in the States and you want to sign the petition you can find it over here. I am not sure about the legitimacy of the picture of the little girl sleeping with the Pitt Bull being the current dog that was confiscated, because I recall a similar story in the UK (I think) a few years ago. Be that as it may, I will rather live in a country with load shedding than in a country that confiscates my dog and kills it for no other reason than it being what society terms a dangerous dog. Pity it was not that easy to dispose of dangerous humans. There is a tendency, especially among South Africans that people in other Countries live in Utopia - not always so. And a video of my little dangerous dog barking for biscuits. I need to film her when she jumps in the air and flies across the kitchen she gets so excited.

I don't know when I will get to post this. I started at 2pm, but have had intermittent Internet for weeks now. Either nothing at all or slower than the old dial up and after much bitching whining and throwing my toys, today I received a tweet from MTN in response to my sarcastic anger tweet last week, informing me that MTN is doing upgrades across the country and they apologise for the inconvenience and referred me to this post on their blog. You might want to read it if you are struggling with MTN coverage. Their consultants were not even aware of it and neither is the Afrihost mobile data support aware of it. Afrihost data is through MTN and I have spent days on the phone and emailing Afrihost suppost, because we were having problems with MTN and Afrihost data and no one told us about the upgrades. They would make life so much more pleasant if they kept their clients informed.

Now I need to rush and cook - it is 4pm and our load shedding starts between 6pm and 6.30 pm. I feel for those who work full time, fight the traffic and then come home and cannot even cook or boil a kettle for a cup of tea.

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