Monday, 3 November 2014

Muti For A Monster

Don't for one minute believe that this is a calm little angel in the photo below. Yes, she is angelic at times, but she can be quite the monster. Yes I am talking about Miss Piggy!! You know you get those children who are real brats, but their parents think they are the cutest sweetest angels to grace this earth. They are spoilt wild brats, usually the youngest in the family, babies forever and just get away with every naughty deed they do. Well that is Miss Piggy. She is the cutest little dog and she does get away with all her naughty deeds. You just cannot shout at her, no matter what she does.

We created a wild Monster - fortunately Pluto has a very calming effect on her so she is quite angelic most of the time. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am quite obsessive and painful about posting pictures of Miss Piggy and Pluto sleeping together. They have such a sweet bond and he really has a calming effect on her and they have cuddled together since she was a puppy.

Now where as Pluto has a calming effect on her, Spike turns her into a monster - one of the reasons why we don't walk them. Spike and Piggy out walking and I need a box of tranquilizers and a few bottles of J&B - they are wild and monstrous. Instead of walking them, they play when we get home from work. They run around chasing a  JW Pet Company Bad Cuz Dog Toy and go quite crazy.

JW Bad Cuz From Amazon
A few months ago Piggy over did the running around and started walking with a bit of a limp, like she was sore and stiff. We were between vets at the time. After going to our vet for more than twenty years, I just had enough of his attitude. He is such a moody person and having to tip toe around his moods for 20 years became too much when we paid for Pluto's medicine by card and it came off Mark's account twice and according to the vet, it never went into his account. As credit card merchants ourselves we know there are issues with credit card facilities from time to time, but the fact that after 20 years the vet would not even assist in sorting out the matter. So we moved on. Now to find a new vet - we actually drive past two vets to get to the next suburb to go to our vet ex-vet

I don't usually read advertorials, but the advert for Regal Joint Health Remedy caught my eye and I was a bit skeptical, but when Piggy was limping I went on a mission to find it and try it before finding a vet. Wow that stuff really works. It took her limp away faster than when she went pummeling off the wall where they play and hurt her front shoulder and was taken to the vet for injections and Rimadyl about two years before. The next time we used it for her was when her and Spike were playing with a leash and I was filming them and she hurt her leg in the trampoline and she was fine the next day. The video below is an indication of how wild they are and is of the time she hurt her leg in the trampoline.

We have since found a vet - the one just down the road, within walking distance of our house. We took them there for their annual vaccinations and when Jingles' dewclaw became infected a couple of months ago. The jury is still out on whether they will be our permanent veterinary clinic. This is actually a two part post. This one has been in my drafts for months, barely started, but I have wanted to post about Regal Joint Healthy remedy for ages, because it is really good for joint pain. Spike also jumped too high for the ball the other day and was all stiff and we gave him Regal Health Remedy and after two days he was fine. The next post involving vets and Regal was what reminded me about this post in my draft folder.It is a bit late now to post the second part of this post today, so I will try and do it tomorrow.

This is totally my opinion of Regal Joint Health Remedy and I am not affiliated to it in anyway, I just think it is such a fantastic product for dogs with sore joints and I wish it was around when Rambo was alive as he had joint problems and was on and off Rimadyl for a long time and I am sure Joint Remedy Health would have been much better. If you have a dog with sore joints, I really do recommend it.

Have you ever used Regal products for your pets, let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading

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