Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Slight Obsession With Buying Nail Varnish

I have loved nail varnish for as long as I can remember. Two of my aunts used to sell Vanda Beauty Products. They would give us their samples to play with and I can still remember the kit came in a white attache type suitcase. I don't think Vanda is even still around. I sold Valeur Makeup and Justine and I think it was more to have the kit, because I could not sell ice cold lemonade to someone stuck in the middle of the desert. Valeur had a similar suitcase with all the products in it - Justine didn't have a kit as such.

The other Sunday, I went through all my nail colours and threw a lot away, but I have Tip Top Nail Chic that I bought about four years ago and I am still using it. I know I said that Essence is very reasonably priced in this post, but it really isn't anymore. Tip Top is still only R39.95 and it has a lovely thin brush, whereas Essence has a thick brush that does not go down well with my unsteady hand.

Strange but true, I have mostly blue colours and sometimes I just buy nail varnish and don't ever use it. I think it comes from the days when it was so difficult to find any colour other than red, pink, peach and orange. It was the psychedelic eighties with bright clashing clothing colours, yet it was still very conservative times when it came to nails and the shelves were not full of colourful bottles waiting to adorn our finger nails. Nail art was unknown. There was a pharmacy in the Johannesburg CBD that sold yellow, black, white and purple from time to time and I would just buy them in case I couldn't find them again. Now I am still buying nail varnish and just hoarding them in my cupboard. Sometimes I go months with out doing my nails.

Group One - I bought about 4 years ago - they are all Tip Top Nail Chic. I have a navy blue one as well, but I think it is at work. The gold colour I don't really like and Mark says it looks cheap. I have hardly worn it.

Group Two - Tip Top -I bought during the course of this year - my obsession with blue. All colours I bought between group one and two - have been non Tip Top and were thrown out, because they were unusable. Some I had not even used.

Group Three - Sally Hansen Top Coat and Bottom Coat - They also last quite a while, but obviously I use them more than the colours.

Group Four -  Kangol - I bought from Truworths, I was standing in a long queue and they were screaming at me to please take them home and I just had to. I like the colours, but they are not the best quality.

Group Five - One lonely bottle from Delance - I received it in a gift bag from a business function we went to at the beginning of last year. It is not bad at all and quite a conservative red.

Group Six - Aah Essence that I am no longer enjoying. I like the pink it is such a pretty colour. The blue chips off, even with Sally Hansen Top Coat. One day and it is more than 50% off. I think that was the start of my dislike for Essence. I love the red, it also chips and the brush is thick and messy, but once you have passed the applying stage and covered with Top Coat - it is such a lovely colour.

The picture above was taken last month when I cut my nails. This is the blue Tip Top that I have had since Chad was in Grade 8 - I know because he teased me about my blue nails, now he thinks they look nice with this colour. It has no Top Coat and is still not lumpy or dry.

I am looking for a nice grey and the only one I have seen is by Revlon, but it is over R250.00 and I am not prepared to spend that much on nail varnish.

What is your favourite nail product?

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