Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Retail Therapy Depression And Despair

I hate shopping and here are some of the reasons why. I could never understand the concept of Retail Therapy. How could trawling the malls make you feel better and lift your spirits when you are down in the dumps. The over crowded incorrectly air-conditioned stores, people bustling up and down, the constant drone of people talking non stop - that would just make me even more down in the dumps. Retail Therapy is not for me.

Oh my goodness, what a rude awakening I had the other day - I am SO guilty of Retail Therapy and then come home depressed and in despair at the money I have literally thrown away. I have been doing it for years without realising it. The other day when I went shopping for Chad, there were two or three Vests that he did not like, so I returned them. Then a couple of days later Sheila brought me a pair of track pants that were in Chad's room and asked if they were Chads, I said yes and she showed me they were a XX Large. Luckily the tags were still on them and we found the slip and the next day I went to change them.

I was feeling really down and had a lot on my mind and after I changed the pants for the right size I wandered into Mr Price Home, which is part of Mr Price Sport. I was just browsing around and stumbled on steered myself towards the Vanilla Home Fragrance Range - I needed more Hand Wash, I still had some of the Hand Cream left. It is actually Body Lotion but I use it as Hand Cream. I discovered it recently and it is amazing. All the Home Fragrance Range was beautifully laid out and I picked up, looked at, read everything in the range. They were all only between R30.00 and R40.00. Below is what I came home with.

I did not need any of the stuff, I did not want any of the stuff and I did not even go to the shops to buy any of the stuff. I was in a bad space and thought I would lift my spirits by browsing and shopping. That is when I realised I have been doing this for my whole life - except I don't buy shoes or clothes or handbags. I buy stuff I really don't need. I guess the therapy in it, is feeling all down and depressed about the money spent instead of feeling stressed and down about the initial issue. On the plus side, everything now smells like Vanilla and Honey and how good is that for uplifting my spirits.

I then wandered off to Clicks, because Chad needed face wash and I ended up buying myself new nail colours to add to my now small collection after clearing out all the old ones. I have never heard of Mavala Nail Products before, but I have wanted white for so long now after seeing Mel B from the X Faxtor wearing it. That was the only "pure" white that I could find. It is a tiny bottle and won't last very long.

I am quite Retail Therapy'ed  out now and am avoiding the shops so still haven't gone hunting for a new foundation yet, in case I come home with another pile of stuff I don't really need.

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  1. The home fragrance stuff does look nice. I got very bad news yesterday and the shock hit me so hard I just went to bed and slept. Cliff told me that although I don't feel like it I should bake the Christmas cake orders which I have been given so today I will immerse myself in the kitchen

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear that Sula. Sending you lots of strength and virtual hugs, although I of all people know that is quite meaningless.
    Sometimes going to sleep is the best kind of therapy.
    I think baking can also be kind of therapeutic, I go into a world of my own when I bake, which is why I bake now. Previously I would bake once in a very blue moon. If you need to offload, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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