Monday, 10 November 2014

Sunday Shopping

Have you entered the MRP Win Hot Fashion For A Year Competition. If you haven't then Click Here to enter, it is as easy as that. Check the Terms & Conditions on the entry form, for eligible countries if you are not in South Africa.

I went to MRP today to do some shopping for Chad - he needed new track pants for gym. His are all tatty and split down the seams and some have gaping holes. He has had them for about three years so an update was on the cards. I didn't buy him non gym clothes - he can come with to buy normal clothes - or wait until I win the MRP competition - mmm... how cool would that be ;)

I also bought him gym shorts and vests for gym. He can wear his vests as casual clothes too. He can wear the track pants and the vests to school as well, because exams start tomorrow and they are only at school for an hour or two.

They don't wear uniforms, but Chad normally dresses fashionably for school, but during exams you need to be relaxed and comfortable so why get all dressed fashionably for an hour or two.

Sunday has come and gone, Chad is writing Maths paper one tomorrow and spent the best part of the day out riding his bike. I think he is going to need more than comfortable clothes to pass. They should start exams on a Tuesday and Monday a study day.

Wishing you an awesome week ahead and good luck with studying and exams if your school has also started exams.

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