Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Colour Of Life

 When I started these Thursday Thoughts' posts, the idea was to get me out of my Thursday slump and get motivated and inspired to finish off the week. They were never meant to be heavy thought provoking posts, but looking back, that is what they are - heavy deep thoughts. Oh well that is me, my mind never switches off. Not even at night when I am sleeping, do I have a dreamless deep sleep. That's why I love sleeping during the day - those are the times that my mind shuts off for an hour or two. Not all of my thoughts end up on my blog though, in fact, not even a quarter of an eighth, lands up here.

I try as best not to post anything remotely political on my blog, in case what I say gets misconstrued and I wake up one morning and I am trending for the wrong reason - I don't want to ever trend for any reason, I don't think Chad would ever forgive me if I post something on Social Media that puts the spotlight on him or us as a family, but sometimes, my thoughts become overwhelming and spill out onto my blog.

Today, I am going to tread those political waters, just because this has been bugging me for over a week now. I have also, over the online years, learnt not to read the comments section of news sites or Facebook groups. If you want to slide down the slippery path of  hate and negativity, go spend everyday on the comments section of the well known news sites. However, the other day a comment caught my eye, it wasn't a comment from the article I was reading, it was a "latest comment posted on..." comment.

I went to read the article, thinking the comment was actually the article - turns out it wasn't. The article was about Cross Cultural Adoption and the comment that caught my eye was from a person attacking every "white" person for adopting cross culturally, because the Government does not give assistance by means of The National Lottery or any other financial assistance to any orphanage that has white children - even one white child. The person commenting did not validate his facts with any substantial evidence other than saying have you ever seen a white child in an orphanage and even if the orphanage has one white child they will lose their funding. None of the other comments argued for or against the actual point, everyone just attacked each other, as comments do on these sites.

I don't know whether this is in fact true, but if it is then it is just so wrong on so many levels. It does make me wonder where all the "white" orphans are. Post 1994, did not make perfect parents out of "white" people. I am all about correcting the injustices of the past and there were many injustices in the past and very few people in the country benefited from apartheid. However, any child in an orphanage today was born post apartheid and should not be punished for what happened in the past.

In this day and age, children should not be labeled and classified by colour anyway. They should be children first and foremost. Yes we do need to acknowledge and accept that there are differences and we are either White, Black; Asian etc and we should be proud of who we are. All living creatures are classified within their species. We have dogs, but we have Bull Dogs; Dachshund; Mixed Breeds and hundreds of others and the same with the human race, be proud of who you are first, then be proud to be human, but don't lump everyone in a derogatory box and say "All pink people are bad" "All blue children cannot benefit from Government funding" {I use pink and blue as to not appear to inappropriately label people}

It reminds me of a woman we once knew, at the age of 26, she had a ten year old daughter, she fell pregnant at school, the father was not interested at all. She then married and divorced a man who treated her very badly and had a son with him - he was about four. She then met a fairly wealthy Indian man at work and married him and had a little girl. She spent her days shopping and drinking coffee with friends, at Salons, a well off stay at home mom, with full time help. One day she was talking to her friends and looking for assurance from these women, and said, but she looks Greek hey. Talking about her little girl. Your child's father is Indian, why on earth would you want her to look Greek - where does Greek fit into the whole scheme of things. Of the man you married clearly for money and the good life. The strangest for me was that she never said the blonde and blue eyed children from the two dead beat Afrikaans men who fathered them, looked Swiss. They should have been her children first and foremost and not labelled by colour.

The same with children in orphanages - they are orphans, is that not "labelled" enough. I certainly hope it is not true. In fact it would be very disheartening to know that we have come so far, but have not moved one step forward. Yes, we must be proud of who we are and we are who we are, but labels must be instance appropriate. Just like all dogs/cats/horses are different in their uniqueness, including mixed breeds so should the human race embrace their own uniqueness as a part of the human race, whether you are White; Black or Mixed Race or whatever race or culture. BUT... that is where it must stop and the human race must be embraced first.

It makes me wonder where children of "mixed race" would fit into the whole scheme of things, of siblings where one may look like the mother and the other like the father - have we regressed to a time many years ago when families were split according to colour. Is it not bad enough that children are taken from their homes and labelled orphans or children of the state.

And on that thought - have a great Thursday...........

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