Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Effects Of A YouTube Video On Chad

The internet can be a dark and scary place at times and children can be exposed to all sorts of horrors, if not properly monitored. There is this really horrific video doing the rounds at the moment about the nanny in Uganda beating the little baby she is supposed to be looking after. The initial video on Parent 24 warns that not just anyone should watch it as it is graphic and shockingly abusive. If you are in anyway sensitive do not watch it.

Well the video has done its rounds and it is on every single Social Media Platform and was on Chad's Facebook Feed. Now Chad is 17, he has first hand experience that life is not fair and just. He is not naive to the realities of life and has lived through the shock of death.

Yesterday, he showed me that video and he was really horrified that a nanny can do that to a baby - that anyone can do that to a baby. Here is the link to the video. Chad hides his feelings and emotions and won't come right out and say that something is bothering him, but I could tell that this video had affected him badly. Every now and again he would bring it up and say something about it. I hadn't read the article, I didn't even know about it, so last night I went onto News 24 and I found the article and link to Parent 24 and read the story. I told Chad that the baby was OK and it had happened a few months ago and the monster who did that to the baby is in jail. Relief just washed over his face when I told him and he went straight to Mark and told him that the baby was OK. Physically she is OK, but who knows what psychological effects it will have on her when she is older.

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Imagine if the father had not installed a nanny-cam or if he did not have the foresight to suspect something not being right. The poor little baby.

I hope the visuals have left Chad's mind, he didn't bring it up in the car this morning so I think his mind is at ease now that he knows the baby is OK and after our talk about it. I have personally never seen visuals of child abuse or any other visuals for that matter that have been so graphic and disturbing. If you haven't seen the video as yet, don't even watch it out of curiosity, it is really disturbing and wish that I had not watched it and certainly wish that Chad didn't. It is good that child abuse is exposed and it is good that it is making people more aware, but it certainly is very disturbing.

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