Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Humour That Can Be Found Only In The Aftermath

At the outset, I would just like to reiterate that Spike is not a horrible dog. He is not a dangerous dog, he is on the whole a loving and sweet dog. He believes he is a lapdog and he is Mark's baby. Out of all of our dogs, I would say he is the sweetest, but he is a Bull Terrier. There is no getting away with the fact that although big and small dogs have very sharp teeth that can do damage, a Bull Terrier can do far more damage than a Dachshund or Jack Russell. This post is not for sensitive or squeamish people, so rather don't read it, but it is also a good post for people who say "Oh my dog will never hurt anyone" Dogs have moods and bad days and good days, they may have aches and pains like we have a stiff neck or a cramp, only they can't talk.

Spike and Mark

When Spike became an adult he was a horrible dog, he kept fighting with Pluto and then we got Miss Piggy and he became even worse and I told Mark that he either goes or we have him neutered. Mark did not want to have him neutered, because when Rambo was neutered, he reacted badly to the anaesthetic and spent almost two weeks at the vet almost paralysed. I couldn't give Spike away, but couldn't allow Pluto and Piggy to be attacked for nothing and get hurt AND what is it with dog's ears and always getting ripped when they fight. Poor Pluto's ears always got torn when Spike fought with him. Mark had seen a pamphlet at our vet for a Bull Terrier Specialist. I phoned her, told her the problem and she said straight out "You need to get rid of your other dogs. A bull terrier cannot live with other dogs or get rid of your bull terrier" She was rude and abrupt and got my back up and I told her that you don't just get rid of a delinquent teenager so why would I get rid of a delinquent dog. I phoned the vet there and then and booked Spike in for a sterilization. I phoned Mark and told him that Spike is going in to be neutered - it is not even open for discussion. He is either going to the vet or going to a new home, but I won't have him fighting with the other dogs - Piggy was a baby and Pluto old. It was the best thing we did and other than getting a bit wild when they play and snapping at each other, Spike is now such a sweet dog.

Spike and Mark

As much as I love my dogs and they are part of the family and they are like our children, there are certain things that make them vastly different from my own human children. They may be my children BUT..... I do NOT  kiss my dogs and cat, I do NOT eat without washing my hands after touching them; I do NOT feed them off my plate. I cannot stand dogs begging for my food. If my human children sat begging for food from my plate, I would be investigated for being an unfit mother. I don't care how dirty the human mouth is and that being bitten by a human is far worse (germ and septicemia wise) than a dog bite. If my human children had to run in a park sniffing each other's butts or urine or carry a dead bird in their mouths, I would have them committed to a mental asylum and if my children never washed their hands after going to the toilet and before eating, I would be locked up in a mental asylum, because I would go off my head. So you get the picture - I love my dogs, but there are limits to how much I love them and the reasons why dogs are not like human babies and children. Mark on the other hand feeds the dogs off his plate and they sit around him begging for food and he throws food at them. We fight about it constantly and he thinks sharing his food with the dogs is loving them. I mean who wouldn't share their food with their children they love so much {insert syrupy sarcasm here). The dogs know that I feed them in the kitchen, they sit and get a biscuit from me - they do not beg from me. Except Piggy barks at me for biscuits or when she hears my Kenwood Mixer, because that means dog biscuits. She doesn't beg for my food.

If you are squeamish and sensitive now is the time to stop reading. This is the follow up from the previous post on Regal Joint Remedy and the reason why I eventually posted about Regal.


On Friday night we were having dinner in front of the TV in the lounge as we always do. Mark always finishes first and went to the kitchen. I knew he was feeding the dogs some treat. Next thing there was a huge commotion in the kitchen and Jingles came screaming into the lounge, jumped onto the chair screeching and tried to get onto my lap. I put my plate down and tried to see what was wrong with her and called out to Mark asking what happened. His answer "I don't know - nothing"  Jingles is a very nervous dog and a horrible dog. She is sweet, but she doesn't like being touched, she is always scared. She is always growling and squealing. I wrote a post called the horrid dog about how she bites and you can't pick her up. We don't know what made her like this, but at the same time she comes to me if she is hurt or scared or wants love. She was squealing so badly and expecting me to help her, but wouldn't let me see what the problem was. I am getting tears in my eyes and goose-flesh just typing this. Our lounge is not the most brightly lit place and she was screeching and jumping around and then I felt drops on me - then I saw her ear was bleeding. I screamed at Mark still in the kitchen, frightening poor Jingles even more, asking him who bit Jingles' ear "I don't know"  he said. Oh My God, I saw her ear - it was not just the edges - half her ear was off and Mark then found the piece in the kitchen. Talk about a parent covering up for his child!!! I was just in so much shock. I grabbed an old towel and wrapped her in it, swaddled tightly like a baby and just held her tight whilst rocking her and trying to calm her down. I gave her some Regal Joint Remedy, because it is also an analgesic. Mark was trying to phone the vet and Chad was cleaning up blood everywhere. I was just holding her tight and keeping her calm. I then put her in the bathroom and gave her some more Regal with cat food so that she got the full dose.

The vet was closed and she had eventually calmed down, the bleeding stopped and she just lay in my arms for awhile. In the madness, it came out that it was Spike who attacked her whilst Mark was feeding them biltong. Spike was banished to the kennel outside. At some stage it hit Mark that he actually picked up his dog's ear from the floor. Mark who always says Spike is such a baby and used to blame Pluto for fighting with Spike. Everyone, not only me, would get so exasperated with him, because, seriously a Dachshund will do damage, but nothing near the damage a Bull Terrier will do. Well on Friday night we were all proven right and Mark wrong.

The bleeding stopped and Jingles wanted to get off my lap. she was running around, went outside and we decided to wait until the morning to go to the vet. I had taken two Gen-Pains as my back was sore and I had a bath and went to bed. When I went to bath, Jingles went to sleep in her bed in our room. I went to sleep in Clint's room. I was tired and emotionally drained and I did not want Mark and Chad waking me up when they went to bed. Next thing I was woken up with Mark's booming voice. I heard him saying I have a Jack Russell... I was confused and thought I was dreaming. It turned out that Jingles was panting and could not sleep - the Regal must have worn off. Mark could not sleep, the guilt of throwing food to the dogs instead of making them sit like the civilized dogs that they are, must have gotten to him even more than before, He woke Chad up and got him to Google emergency vets. We should have done that earlier - shock makes people not think straight. I pretended that I was sleeping, in my defense I really was tired and exhausted. I must have dozed and then they were back. I then went into a deep sleep, relieved that Jingles had been seen to by the vet.

I heard Mark get up in the morning and then I fell asleep again, then I heard him again and I looked at the time and it was only 8. Jingles was trying to get on the bed and she had a "lampshade" on her head. She spent the night at the Clinic, they stitched up her ear, what was left of it and gave her injections and antibiotics and Rimadyl. I thought she had come home with Mark and Chad at midnight. Mark had to fetch her between 5.30 and 6.30 in the morning.


I never got to take a photo of her with her "lampshade" on, because the poor dog could not even drink water or eat. She was thirsty and her little mouth and face was buried in a plastic contraption way longer than her face. I took it off planning to put it back on after she had eaten, but you can't put it back on so how do dogs eat and drink with those things. She was so scared I had to take her outside to pee, She must have wondered why she was hurt and then dumped in a strange place in pain. I am glad it was not me that took her to the vet, because I am her "safety net" - she comes to me for assurance or when she is scared, so me "dumping" her in a strange place would shatter her confidence in me protecting her. She would not even eat Garfield's food that she always eats. She spent the day huddled next to Pluto and I and followed me everywhere. She was so nervous and all our dogs were very quiet and subdued the whole weekend. Neither Spike nor Jingles would even take biscuits from me and I was not even the cause of her ear to get hurt. Spike knew he did wrong and you cannot blame him. Spike is not a bad dog, just a dog that was having a jealous moment. Mark is to blame for feeding them the way he does. He does not let them physically eat off his plate, but he takes food from his plate and gives it to them and when we have a braai and eat outside he throws meat to them and it drives me insane. It is a terrible habit that he has from who knows  where.

There is nothing funny about anything that happened, but Chad has quite a sense of humour and also says things that are not meant to be funny, but are very funny. Chad cleaned up all the blood - take note the person who caused the bedlam, did not clean the blood up and I was sitting holding Jingles. He then went to get juice from kitchen, I was in the lounge and Mark was "finding" an after hours vet on Facebook??? Chad disappeared and came back and said "I can never murder anyone, because I don't do a good job of cleaning up the blood - there is blood everywhere, I found some more in the kitchen"  I just burst out laughing - that is such a good reason not to murder someone. It is true though, we were actually saying on Saturday, if a dog's ear can spray so much blood imagine the blood from a murder - assuming it is stabbing/shooting.

Chad was feeling so sorry for Jingles and also upset ( hidden though) and on Saturday morning when he woke up, he was telling me about the night at the vet and he said "I know this isn't funny, but I just wanted to laugh - dad said to the vet it must be like losing a finger and the vet said or just like losing your ear"  When he told me, he could not keep his laughter in and you have to admit it is funny. He has been teasing Mark ever since and apparently when the vet gave him the amount to pay, before even seeing to Jingles (R3000.00 and some change - there goes any chance of them getting new beds in the near future) Mark said "Oh well what can I do - my kids are my children" Chad found that hilarious and sometimes a bit of comic relief is good for emotional stress. Apparently, there were signs all over the vet's consulting rooms about signs of dog fighting and Chad was thinking and here is our dog all ripped and scarred, but they were honest with the vet about what happened and now Mark has {hopefully} learnt that his way of feeding dogs is not loving animals. Chad also wondered what Sheila would say - Jingles loves Sheila and we always say she is Sheila's dog. Then he said to me, "But you have to tell Sheila"  Like seriously Chad what can Sheila do, it is our dog not hers.

I am happy to say that Jingles is back to her normal self. She spent the whole day yesterday next to me or running after me. She is less nervous and anxious and even let Spike sniff her ear today. Yesterday she was growling if she even imagined them near her ear. It was really a terrible ordeal and I still just want to cry when I think of how sore it must have been. It is a huge lesson that dogs may be gentle and sweet, but they can do terrible damage without meaning to. Spike is not like a bully or serial killer or psychopath - he lashed out and it had devastating effects.

I took the photos of Jingles lying with Pluto and the photo of her ear with my blackberry so it is not that clear. I have to say there is something in the Regal Joint Mobility that stops pain, because it really eased her pain until she could get to the vet and I have not been paid at all for this post, nor have I any affiliations to Regal Joint Mobility Remedy - it is just a very good product. I bought it from Dischem, because none of our Pet Stores stocked it. Obviously Jingles needed further urgent medical intervention and Regal Joint Mobility is not for open wounds, but it did manage her pain until we found an emergency vet.

I started this post at work and have only managed to finish it now and I am even happier to say that Jingles is back to her cheeky little self, running around and carrying on like normal, which makes me so happy and relieved. She has detached herself from me (obviously I had to go to work) and is carrying on like nothing happened. She needs a bath desperately, but that can wait until the stitches are out. I am NOT hurting her just to make sure she is clean.

Not a nice story at all. I have been wondering if I should even post it on my blog, but it was not intentional and it is a huge lesson that no matter how gentle a dog is and how sweet, it can do terrible damage whether intentional or not. That is also why I get so angry when the neighbourhood cats torment Spike and come into our garden, If he was a dangerous dog with killer instinct, he would out run them and kill them when they come into our garden, he runs after his ball faster than he does when he sees the cats that DON'T belong in our garden, but he does chase them and does not like them. Neither do I, they torment Spike and Garfield. Imagine what he could do to a creature he hates, if he could do so much damage to a dog he loves and did not intentionally hurt. Besides, how do you love an animal that is always in the street or someone else's garden - that is not a pet and you shouldn't own a cat if you let it roam the streets.

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