Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Vinegar - Ten Uses You May Find Useful

This post was inspired by Fat Mum Slim's post How To Clean Your Microwave In Minutes (So that would make eleven uses for Vinegar.) After reading the post, I realised just how many uses Vinegar has for me personally and thought I would share them on my blog.

Number One Use For Vinegar:-
Douse  Sprinkle your fish and chips with vinegar - nothing better than lots of vinegar soaked chips

Number Two:-
Drink 100 mls of Apple Cider Vinegar a day and you will lose weight without dieting. It hasn't worked for me, because it is far too sour for me to drink everyday. I did once know someone who was as thin as a reed and she drank bottles of the stuff. It did affect her teeth though. I have done it for a week, whilst dieting, but here is an interesting article to read about all the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, in case you thought I made this one up

Number Three:-
Prevent mildew buildup in your shower. Our bathroom is really small and the shower becomes full of mildew especially in Winter. The Mildew cleaners are really strong and very harsh on the lungs, so I found a new solution about a year ago. Spirit Vinegar in a Spray bottle, Spray down the shower everyday; leave whilst cleaning the rest of the bathroom and then wipe down with warm water. It prevents the growth and build up of mildew and it is not bad for your lungs or the environment.

Number Four:-
Dandruff - mix half a cup Vinegar (Spirit or Apple Cider) with 2 cups water and rinse hair after washing (final rinse).  Lice scare at your children's school - Mix one part Vinegar with five parts water in a spray bottle and spray on hair after washing.It prevents Lice from infesting the hair. Smell may not be very nice, but rather that than dealing with lice.

Number Five:-
Women don't sweat, they glow, but sometimes there is no getting away from it and you just plain old perspire. Take a cotton wool swab soaked in Spirit Vinegar and dab under arm pits after a shower. Good for women who are anti roll on deodorants. No you won't smell like an old fish and chip packet - once you have rubbed lotion on and your fragrance or body spray the Vinegar smell will have disappeared. Use on any part of the body that perspires if you are the type of person who perspires excessively. Don't over do it, because then you may be confused with an old chip packet.

Number Six:-
Suede furniture - ever tried to keep suede furniture clean. I wish that I knew this a few years back. We have a dining room suite that has suede seats and it is a light colour. Not the best idea for a dining room suite. Vacuum the furniture, spray non diluted Spirit Vinegar on fabric(always do a fabric test first), leave for a few minutes and then rub with a white toweling or microfibre cloth. Brings out the colour of the suede and cleans it. Unfortunately, I only discovered this too late and our chairs have stains.

Number Seven:-
Another one for the ladies that glow too much - menopause help. Have a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a teaspoon of honey each morning. I believe it does work, but I have not tried it for long enough.

Number Eight:-
Paint - who doesn't get headaches from the smell of paint - I definitely do and hate the smell of paint. Take a tumbler or clean glass jar and fill it with Spirit Vinegar, leave in in the room and it will absorb the smell of the paint. Preferably overnight.

Number Nine:-
Run your washing machine on a 60c - 90c degree, (empty wash) add a cup of Spirit Vinegar to the soap dispenser. This will clean, disinfect and prevent soap scum build up. Do this once a month. Do the same to your dishwasher. Place a cup of Spirit Vinegar upright in the top section of the dishwasher (dish washer must be empty, barring the cup of Vinegar), turn on hot program. Do this monthly to clean, disinfect and prevent soap scum build up.

Number Ten:-
My Kenwood steamer must be my most used appliance, besides the kettle. I use it almost everyday and cannot cook/eat vegetables any other way. If I don't use it, it is because I am not cooking that day or I am making pasta. Once a month I add 500mls Spirit Vinegar and 1L water and run the steamer to descale and clean and disinfect it.

 I love buying cleaning products - I am the cleaning product and toiletry shopper and Mark is the food and beverage shopper in our house, but I still find Vinegar very useful and cost effective and natural. Vinegar and Bicarbonate Of Soda are my back to basics product.

I am sure there are a thousand and one other uses for Vinegar, please feel free to add to the list, in the comments section, if you have any other uses.

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