Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wash That Grey Right Out Of My Hair

Many months ago, in May actually, I wrote about the Gliss Satin Smooth Shampoo that I was using and loving and that I had found a new one from Gliss called Marrakesh Oil and Coconut. I said I would review it as soon as I have used it. Well six months have come and gone and I have used the shampoo and conditioner more often than not, but as I procrastinate through life, I haven't yet posted my views on it. I like the shampoo as a back up if the stores that I shop at don't have the Satin Smooth one. I love that it makes my hair very shiny, but it also makes it very knotty and I rip most of it out as I try and get the knots out and for that reason I don't really use it. I think it would be a fantastic product for someone with straight, thin hair that does not knot. So what has Gliss Marrakesh Oil and Coconut have to do with the title of my post. It has everything to do with it and it has nothing to do with it, but it was as good a time as ever to do a little review on it.

Google and technology can be a bad thing as much as it can be a good thing. Chad has this idea (discovered through Google) that washing your hair everyday is a bad thing. I keep telling him that it is not bad to wash your hair everyday, I have been doing it since I was about 14, maybe younger. It has had no adverse effect on my hair. Mark is younger than me, he is bald (he shaves his head now) and he is grey and has been quite grey for some time now. My father is 73 (I think) and only went grey this year or last year and has a full head of hair. Chad is rooting for that DNA. He does not want to go bald when he is younger than middle age, nor does he want to go grey. My mom also only went grey at her temples when she was 60 or maybe older.

I don't use special shampoo or Salon bought products on my hair. I don't visit the hairdresser often enough - in fact going twice a year is a lot for me. When I was younger and had short hair, I went every six to eight weeks {that is how I survived without a flat iron, I recently remembered}. I don't colour my hair often - some times I colour it twice a year and sometimes I don't colour it at all for years. I haven't used gels and hairsprays and styling mousse in years. I never have salon treatments and I have always maintained that grey hair and thinning hair is in your DNA and you can do what you like, use the cheapest or most expensive products and it will not alter when you go grey or when your hair starts thinning. I abuse my hair and when I was young I abused it even more than I do now, I dyed it, peroxided it and coloured it and permed it. I really abused it. Now I "burn" through hairdryers and flat irons at the expense of my hair and a GHD lasts as long as a cheap hair straightener from Clicks.

I know women who have gone grey as early as their 30's and I have had the belief that if I did not go grey after Clint's death and then after giving up smoking suddenly - two massive shocks to my system, {shock can make you go grey overnight apparently) then I am also going to go grey when I am 70 - it is in my DNA.

How wrong was I????? I had found two or three grey hairs and pulled them out - I know I know - for every grey hair you pull out, three more take it's place. Or is that just an old wives' tale?? I don't think it is!! The other day I was waiting for Chad at school and my eye was irritating me so I looked in the mirror and got such a fright when I saw my temples were going grey. I forgot my irritating contact lens in an instant. Everyday, I have found more and more long grey hairs, not just tiny tendrils at my temples - long grey strands. There is nothing wrong with aging and it is part of life, if I was a grandmother, but Chad is only 17, so really not fun for him to have a mother that is already grey.  Now I have to add something else to my life that is a chore - colouring my hair. Before I coloured my hair, because I wanted to - now I must colour it, because I have to.

I read somewhere last year, that every 10 years, as we go into a new decade, we go through changes in our lives and bodies and minds, we are programmed to do that. I thought it was nonsense, but this year has been an eye opener to many changes in myself - I am getting old and grey too.

This post is not exactly about makeup, but hair products are close enough to makeup to be part of my Makeup Monday posts. Would going grey now, make me wish that I had used pricey salon products on my hair - no not at all. Is sulfate shampoos really bad for your hair - no I don't thinks so, considering that some women in their 30's only use sulfate free shampoo and have already started going grey. I don't like the no lather shampoos and am quite happy with store bought products like Pantene and Gliss. I think it is a personal preference and what works for each individual.

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