Thursday, 6 November 2014

What I Can Live Without........

Tuesday's prompt for November Photo A Day was "Can't live without...."  I love FMS Photo A Day - yes I get behind and sometimes frustrated with the prompts. Frustrated would be the wrong word to use, but there are days with phrases like "not fun" "not nice" or just plain "this is hard" going through my mind. That is usually because I am in a bad head space, but on the whole Instagram is my fun and relaxed place - that and Pinterest, but Instagram has topped Pinterest for me.

I loved October's Challenge, but I had lots of catching up to do; because September threw me - my head space, not the prompts. Once I caught up I was loving it and looked forward to tackling the second last month of the year; finishing a challenge and sticking to something. Instagram would be my Alter Ego of Social Media. Its light and fun and relaxed. Its bits of my life in photos - photos that I would never take in normal circumstances - the photos are really only for photo a day and a few of my animals. There is very little about my "real" life there. I have taken the odd photo like the one of Clint's Teddy; of Grateful and Nostalgia that may hint that my life is not what it seems - happy and relaxed and fun.

So the prompt "Can't live without......" obviously the ultimate would be my children, but life changed that and I am forced to live without both my children. The prompt was one that throws me, but I saw a bottle of water in the fridge, one of those bottles that supposedly filter water. Whether it filters or not is another story, but I thought "ha - good prompt - we can't live without water"  Yes we can't live without phones and makeup and cars and everything else, but without Water and I added electricity, we would not have all the other things that we can't live without. It's fun and a game.

I don't go on Instagram all the time, because I use my tablet for Instagram not my phone - I am a die-hard loyal blackberry user. The app for Instagram is new and not that good. When I checked my feed that night, somebody commented negatively about the "new" South Africa and I deleted the comment. It was not nasty towards me or a nasty comment, but I took offence to the derogatory comment "New South Africa" as opposed to what? The "Old South Africa" being better. Don't even let me go there.

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What I CAN live without is everything turning into politics or racism. The person does not know me from a bar of soap - well she knows me from a few random photos. She does not know my political affiliations; she does not know my personal history and nowhere on my profile or my photos is there a slight indication that my Instagram account is for political bashing or opinions. Yes we are all tired of load shedding and wasting of tax payers money and why must we settle for less than we deserve. Crime is out of hand. There is rot and decay in the human society world wide, but my question is who was the "Old" South Africa good for - certainly not everyone - only a tiny minority of people.

I am just so tired of everything turning into race bashing; political party bashing. Can we not just say something without it turning into a race issue. Can we not just post a photo for a fun photo a day challenge without turning it into political bashing. Don't assume that because someone shares your skin colour that they share your racist and political views. At the same time, don't assume that because someone dislikes you, that it is because of your skin colour or political views. Don't assume that because someone does not hero-worship the same people that you do, that it is because of their skin colour. I don't hero-worship any sportsman. I don't make celebrities out of anyone who did not do anything for the good of mankind.

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I am not even talking about the Twitter Buzz from shock jocks and attention seekers, I am talking about everyday conversations we have with people we have known forever or just met. An innocent conversation about rain and a tumble dryer wasting electricity becomes a political debate - why??

Sometimes lets just let the photo be the photo and the question be the innocent human curious mind. It doesn't always have to be connected to politics and race and controversy. Yes I CAN live without the politics and controversy.

I leave you with those thoughts and wish you an awesome Thursday - whats left of it.

Thanks for reading

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