Sunday, 16 November 2014

What We Want May Not Necessarily Be Good For Us

Our garden has so many trees and yes trees are beautiful, but really who plants trees right by your front door or six trees on top of each other. We have a massive Mulberry tree by our front door that attracts a variety of birds and our garden is full of birds. Mark's favourite bird is the Grey Lourie, more commonly known as the "Go Away"  bird, because it sounds like it is saying "Go Away" . Mark believes that the Mulberry tree and other berry trees attract the Lourie to our garden, but I actually think it is the Thorn tree, because they are always in the thorn tree.

Young Lourie In The Thorn Tree In Our Garden

This Poor Guy Flew Into The Window Then Perched On The Chair For A Bit

The trees used to bug me, but not to the extent that they have done this year. Like when our garden was covered in bird crap in August when it was so dry and hadn't rained and for the first time ever, we had a colony of Olive Thrush in our garden. We always had a few, but not the hundreds that were eating the berries and messing everywhere. The tree had to go!!! Mark thought I was crazy - why would I want to chase the birds away. Someone came to quote us on removing the trees in the front garden and it was a few cents short of R9k. That was far too expensive and I am sure I could find something better to spend R9K on.

We just got over the black berry problem from the tree in the picture above and the Colony of Olive Thrush it attracted, then it was Mulberry season. We could barely walk out our front door, because the paving was covered in Mulberries. The dog's water bowl is just outside the front door, because that is where they go out first thing in the morning to drink water. They have water bowls in the house, but dogs are creatures of habit and routine and they go to that bowl in the mornings. Within matters of cleaning the bowl and filling it with fresh water it would be black with squashed Mulberries and bird crap. I am not sure if Mark was tired of my going on about the Mulberry tree or cleaning the dog's water bowl out, but finally the trees have been chopped down.

It must take years and years for Mulberry trees to bare fruit, because I spotted a Mulberry tree at the back of our garden that was full of Mulberries, which I have never noticed before. I know I am not the most observant of people, but Mulberries messed everywhere - I would have noticed. Well that did seal the deal with Mark, knowing that the Lourie still have a Mulberry tree in our garden. Never mind that they are never in the Mulberry Tree.

No More Mulberry Tree At The Front Door

Well the great chop happened last week on Friday. Someone removed a whole lot of rubbish from our house a few months ago and came asking if we had more rubbish to move and Mark said when we chop down the trees he can come and remove them. This guy then said he can chop down the trees and quoted R3K. Mark was so chuffed that he got a quote for R5k less than the previous quote. I came home during the great tree chopping process and our whole cul-de-sac was covered in branches. I should have taken a photo, because it was something that you could not imagine, but I was far too angry. It turned out that Mark thought I only wanted one tree at the gate and the Mulberry tree cut down. The guys that were chopping down the tree also broke the electric fence and just destroyed all the plants all over the garden. My estimate was R9k, because it was a professional tree feller and it was to remove all the trees by the gate.

Apparently I did not explain myself properly!!! I am not sure how clearer I could have been, by saying the trees (plural) are going to push down the wall and I am sure the old man (who is almost 80 years old and does his own garden), must be so irritated by our trees (plural) going in his garden and the roots of the trees blocked our drains and they need to get chopped down, because they are just causing unnecessary damage. I guess it is true that if you nag men, they just block out everything you say. So it seems another five years will go by before we chop down the rest of the trees, because I certainly won't have those guys back, because they just hacked and trampled everything with no respect for our property. Seeing the bedlam in our street and garden and all the noise, made me realise why I never bother about fixing up our house. I hate workman working at our house, invading my space and privacy and making a big mess and noise.

Since chopping down the trees, I have wondered if it was the right decision, because it has made our house seem bare and open. I am not sure if it is just an illusion and all the extra sunlight filtering through has made it seem more exposed, but it definitely has made a huge difference. I can't say if it does make everything more visible from the street or if it is just the sunlight making the difference, but now that there is more sunlight, hopefully our grass will grow again. Was it a good thing - I don't know yet. We do still have lots of birds and the bird in the picture below that was taken in April disappeared during Winter, but they are all back now - about 10 very noisy buggers - not sure what bird it is. I looked in the bird book and the closest was a type of Starling.

Unnamed Bird

The stump from the Mulberry tree has some kind of watery foamy substance on it, especially after it rains and each time I see the stuff, I kinda get sad and think shame the poor tree had life in it and I just had it hacked down. I get why tree huggers protest against trees being chopped down, but we just had too many trees causing more damage than good.

Maybe chopping down the trees wasn't the best thing for our garden, but it is done and I now have to live with it and the one gigantic tree growing at an odd angle. Seriously who plants a Bottle Brush tree right up against the wall and a Mulberry tree outside the front door?? The person who originally bought this house and planned the garden, did not have any insight into how big trees grow.

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