Monday, 17 November 2014

World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims 2014

Today, is World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims. The World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims is commemorated on the third Sunday of November every year. It was initiated by road victims in 1993 and adopted by the UN on the 26 October 2005, to remember the many millions killed and injured on the World's roads, together with their families and others affected, as well as reflect on the tremendous burden and cost of this daily continuing disaster. {Adapted from WDR - Read More Over Here} [Accident details and photos in this post]

This year's theme is Speed Kills - Design Out Speeding. People like to get technical and say that speed does not kill, but the sudden stop is what kills you - well if you were not speeding you would not have to come to a sudden and forceful and deadly stop.

In remembrance of Clinty, this is just a reminder that even though speed is one of the highest factors in road fatalities, "Minor" traffic offences DO KILL!! There was no speed involved when Clint was hit off his bike and flung in the air across four lanes and was stopped by a high fence. It was the full force of a powerful killing machine, driven by a person who thought he was more important than all the other people waiting at a red traffic light that was not working. He went down the emergency lane, turned into a side road and did an ILLEGAL U-Turn across a solid white line, without indicating and without looking to see that a young kind and loving boy with hopes and dreams and goals, was right next to him when he swung across the solid white line to turn back onto the main road again. Believe you me, it was not the first time he did that, it was on his route home from work. It was NO ACCIDENT !!! It was deliberate, it was planned and it was premeditated, but it happened on the road so it was an "accident". No it wasn't an accident and no sorry doesn't make my child get up and carry on with his life or make my life OK to live.

Another reminder, if you witness a road collision and you are not prepared to go to court, don't even stop. In fact don't stop unless you are dam sure you know you saw exactly what happened. This woman in the yellow top in the photo below, gave such inaccurate information and as thankful that I am that she phoned us, she was the one who initially told the ambulance service that it was a minor injury - why because she saw no blood. She did not see what happened at all, but became a "main" witness and then did not want to go to court. Her statement said Clint came up the road, which meant the vehicle should have been damaged on the passenger side and not the driver's side and she deduced that from where he was lying. She did not see anything and took it upon herself to make a medical call and say no injuries, which resulted in a private ambulance service coming after the provincial one that took an hour to get to the scene. It also gave the impression that the parents (us) who kept phoning to find out how far the Netcare ambulance was, were just neurotic and they were in no hurry to get there. From that distance, is there anyway in hell that the person hit off a motorbike was not injured in anyway. Yes, I am bitter - very bitter. The Accident & Reconstruction Officer's reconstruction tied up not only what Clint had told his friend's dad straight after, but also what made sense.

Last Friday at a Filling station, a man parked his bakkie (LDV) next to the ATM to draw money. His vehicle started rolling down the hill, it hit a poor man on his motorbike, innocently riding home from work. It hit the man on the bike so hard, it pushed him into another car and severed his leg, apparently right off. There was blood everywhere. Phineas who works for us told us how bad it was. The man was airlifted, because of the severity of the injuries and blood loss. People saw blood and knew it was severe. Clint bled to death internally. His stomach had 5.5 liters of blood in it. Someone his size, age and height should only have 5 liters of blood in his whole body. Clint should have been airlifted. One woman unqualified made the call that he was not injured, she also based this on what she thought had happened, which resulted in an unqualified fire crewman coming to the scene and making an incorrect diagnosis. I honestly hope that the man from last Friday night's collision made it, but it sounds like if he did, he will have lost a limb. Was that a freak accident or was it someone in a hurry, who raced up to the ATM, jumped out of his vehicle, left the handbrake off, which resulted in a devastating tragedy for someone else and their family members.

In memory of my Darling Clinty and all the others who died on the roads - all the innocent victims at the hands of others.

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