Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Looking Back November 2014

I started these Looking Back posts at the beginning of the year, when I realised a whole year had gone by and I hadn't posted about our holiday to Mozambique in December 2012. It was our first planned (well as best planned as can be) December holiday since Clint's death. We did have one "Let's get the hell out of Joburg" trip to Cape Town one January, after a very stressful business wise December and November. We wanted to go away for Christmas, but everything was fully booked and we wanted to go on the Premier Classe Train, which we ended up going on, on the 1 January to Cape Town. If you have never been on it, do yourself a favour and go on it. It is not as expensive and classy as the Blue Train and Rovos rail, but way way better and classier than the normal train. If you have children who have never been on a train, they will love it. We have done it twice, in the same year, strangely enough, once down to Cape Town and the second time, back to Johannesburg. If you do ever go and plan to only go one way, try do the trip down to Cape Town, it is far better. My photos of the train trip are so bad, because they were taken with my old (very old) blackberry.

How I managed to go back to 2009, I am not sure, well actually that is how my brain works. So I never stuck to these looking back posts and started again in September when I realised that I STILL had not posted about our trip to Graskop in May - total mental block to that trip. These posts are quite pointless because I have done nothing in the past 5 months and I have gone nowhere. Chad said to me the other day, Saturday to be exact, that I wake up in the mornings, thanks to the dogs, go back to bed; at lunchtime I shower, get dressed, put makeup on go back to sleep, wake up; blog (I actually read blogs) bath and go to bed. He is not lying that is really what I do. He asked why I bother to shower, well I have all the good intentions to actually do something, but am so exhausted I just go to sleep again. I did manage to make some awesome shortbread on Saturday evening and some more dog biscuits, so that was something. I made two batches of Shortbread so we have something to nibble on this week, except it gives me such terrible heartburn, I should not eat it.

When I started my blog and it was just ramblings to myself, I had a page for recipes and books and movies. I deleted the movie and book pages and kept the recipes in drafts. The recipe page was for all of our favourite recipes. Well four years down the line, it is still in drafts. I have never been a trendsetter or trend follower, but soon I am going to look like a trend thief, because I procrastinate so much and just never do anything I plan to do. You would think that I would spend all that time that I spend sleeping on fixing up my blog and changing it to the way I want to or better still starting the online photography course, I signed up and paid for in September. I don't even practice taking photos other than FMS Photo A Day, which I mostly use my tablet to take the photos anyway. I have been doing photo a day for 11 months now. Wow - I stuck to something, with lots of catch ups, but I stuck to it. I did take these photos of the sky on Friday night. It was so beautiful, Chad actually called me and said if I ever wanted a photo opportunity, I must go look at the sky. No filters, except the first one I cropped to get the electric fence wires out of the photo.

This one below, I should call in prison looking out at paradise as we build walls around ourselves in Suburban South Africa.

The sunlight filtering through the tree was gorgeous.

What I did do, is watch the movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom on Mnet movies last night. I am probably one of the very few people who hadn't seen it, not because I didn't want to, I have always wanted to see it, I just haven't. We were chatting about whether Nelson Mandela, was just so tired of the fight that he wanted to end it with no violence or if he was just a non violent person. I believe it was a bit of both, but I am sure he was not a violent person at all. After watching the movie, I can so understand why Winnie is/was like she is. I would have been just like that too. Circumstances forge our characters and personalities. Anyway it is an excellent movie that I highly recommend.

Miss Piggy really struggles with the heat at the beginning of Summer/Spring and even sitting right under the air conditioning unit, she pants and half overheats so Chad has started fanning her. Now she sits on the massage chair and gets a good cooling down. We have had so much rain, but at the same time extremely high temperatures.

On a wet and miserable day, both weather wise and mood wise, I discovered that as much as I hate shopping, I am so guilty of Retail Therapy and not only bought white and yellow nail varnish, which I may or may not wear again, but also a whole lot of other stuff I did not need or want. I have avoided the shops since then, although I am desperate for new foundation and other hair products.

I made Crunchies twice, I made fudge, I attempted to make pies and I made Rotis this month. A real month of baking and I need to give it a break now, as all the flour is not good for my acid reflux. I need to go on a detox. Yes, it is the worst month to detox, so maybe I will skip it until February next year. I am so not ready for December and it has arrived in all it's tinsel and finery. I know every year just seems to fly past, but this year I am honestly still stuck at around March April. It is a feeling that I cannot explain, yet when I think back to January when we went down to the coast to sort out business issues it seems like it was years ago. In fact I had to go back on my blog to see if it was this year or last year that we went down in January.

It is like nothing happened, but so much happened this year, either way I am not ready for the new year or December

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